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  1. It can't be a country song. There's nothing about momma, gettin' drunk, pickup trucks, trains, or prison.
  2. Nice win, I still haven't flown my last win which was a micron. Waiting for some good wind. Congratulations
  3. Thanks! Just placed an order. So which one did you go with
  4. Congratulations, Looks like I have to buy mine,, Enjoy that new kite
  5. I'm in, Those are way too cool, I'm in I'm in i am in
  6. Congratulations. Enjoy that new kite
  7. Sadly I have two, Nice tool to have I was severely underestimating wind speed
  8. I really need this kite, I have never begged the RNG, But please pick my number.
  9. I'm in, So many uses , our Cub Scout pack would love these kites
  10. I completely forgot to put the right link, here it is!! :https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XhLyTExQQH-HGyFlh_vAxHJvASQZ0vmtvjkJBtAC0U0/viewform?edit_requested=true Survey In
  11. I can't read it , need English translation
  12. I'm in, not sure where will be living or flying But I am in
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