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  1. Couldn't get the link to work , just you tubed it wish my pay pal where payed off , I love that kite, probably more your flying
  2. Well I flew the wala on sat. Tried to get pics, Failed, the best pic was horrible.
  3. The winds here are really poor, I need to get brave and travel over a bridge and fly with Rob, I seem to live in a bowl, lots of apartments, trees and hills all around , the wala and the echo get the most flight time,, sadly it's not a lot
  4. I have an ITW Echo, nothing else to compare it to, but flys well
  5. Just read my email , Thanks JB, I should have read that first, Member number would still be awesome. Happy Saturday everyone
  6. Howdy JB. Just checking if I am still current, kept getting emails that auto pay failed, Plus member number would be awesome
  7. Very cool, work or home shed, either way nice flying room
  8. That kite would like quite nice flying in NY
  9. Okay so scratch last post, After going to page 2, got in but then this followed
  10. iPad can't even get in, says I don't have permission
  11. Getting a phone call from Marla is awesome, When Marla calls , good news follows
  12. Howdy WA, No flight yet. It showed up during a snow storm, Hopefully this weekend
  13. Sorry for the dark indoor pics, hopefully slightly warmer temps and good wind will have Percy flying.. Thanks to the AKA, Marla I love getting your phone calls
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