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  1. I'm so happy this thread is still seeing posts. OP here and I am pleased to say that I have found three tried-and-true answers to this question. Prism Micron is a little bullet. It holds up pretty well in high wind if you can keep up with it. HQ Delta Hawk is a brute and cannot be fazed when the wind is sandblasting the skin off your calves. Try it with a 200' tail! I recently picked up a Silver Fox 2.5 Vented. It can trick in high wind!
  2. I bet you could squeeze three WM's in there fully collapsed. Just to see if I could, I once put in the Widow Maker, Collapsed Nexus, Collapsed 4-D (both in factory bags), Delta Hawk and spare rods in there. It was tight but it worked. Edit: Plus they make a jumbo version that's 8.5" diameter instead of my 5".
  3. I bought an HQ Delta Hawk last year for high wind situations and several times I've had 150 feet of tail on it. Padded straps, 120' of 150# line, a Gomberg 96' transition tail and a narrower 50' tail, also from Gomberg. Holy cow that turns heads
  4. I've revisited this topic and I'm finally happy. Messenger bag for the small kites and random crap, and a fishing rod tube for the bigger stuff. I've been on airplanes with this rig and I'm stoked. Many pictures and description: http://imgur.com/a/BP9Po
  5. Wow guys. You're making me want to supplement my 4D, Delta Hawk and beloved Widow Maker with a Kymera! Anyone flown both the WM and the kymera? Are they comparable?
  6. It has been a good Summer. :-) http://youtu.be/dvqA1xdI3aA
  7. Solved! couldn't find anything that I liked. So I made my own. Requirements: Holds my 5 dual line kites without folding their leading edges (beach mode) Collapses to 45" so it will fit in my car after folding my leading edges (travel mode) Clean and simple: linesets and stakes and tails and repair stuff live in a separate messenger bag. Collapsed to 42". Contains Widow Maker (with folded leading edges), HQ Delta Hawk, New Tech Detonator. My Prism 4D is in a separate messenger bag. Full length, 62". Contains Widow Maker, Prism 4D (both with leading edges fully extended), New Tech Detonator, HQ Delta Hawk, Wei Fang 48" somethingorother. Messenger bag with all my other stuff.
  8. Yeah, I bent a ferrule first time I flew my 4D just last week. I had ordered a repair kit but I think I skipped the ferrule. Guess it's time for another order...
  9. I bought an HQ 55" Kite Bag and I dislike it. There are now two holes in the stiching: one due to wear and the other due to poor quality control. And I'm not really a fan of the materials or the design. Do you have a kite bag that makes you happy? Details and pics please!
  10. Spine is 28". 28" * 30fps = 840 inches per second. 840 * 3600 / 12 / 5280 = 47 mph
  11. You people are awesome. I do feel a slight pull to the dark side. I know that it is useless to resist. I know that it is my destiny. But I'm not ready. :-) Day savers! Love the terminology. 4D and Delta Hawk here I come. Thanks so much folks.
  12. It's been a good week in Manzanita. Learned to half axel, after all. But the wind has often been a little much. Lots of white caps, sand blowing across the beach. Frustrating to set up and take down my Widow Maker, and I was afraid to take it through the middle of the window so I just sort of flopped around the edges until I got fed up and quit. Which leaves me wondering. What do you do when there's too much wind? Is there such a thing as too much wind? :-) Is there a dual-line kite that can handle 20-30mph? Recent threads here suggest it would be fun to get a long tail or tube, behind a really robust kite like Thor's Hammer, Prism Hypnotist or Premier Magnum. I favor the Magnum because it's apparently made of standard sky shark tubes and designed by the same folks behind my Widow Maker. So. Which two-line kite for flogging in high winds? How much wind is too much? EDIT: Dodd Gross's BLK? I learned to fly on the Detonator after all...
  13. Major milestone this week. I can half axel :-D
  14. Nice. membership requested. Thanks!
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