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  1. I'm so happy this thread is still seeing posts. OP here and I am pleased to say that I have found three tried-and-true answers to this question. Prism Micron is a little bullet. It holds up pretty well in high wind if you can keep up with it. HQ Delta Hawk is a brute and cannot be fazed when the wind is sandblasting the skin off your calves. Try it with a 200' tail! I recently picked up a Silver Fox 2.5 Vented. It can trick in high wind!
  2. I bet you could squeeze three WM's in there fully collapsed. Just to see if I could, I once put in the Widow Maker, Collapsed Nexus, Collapsed 4-D (both in factory bags), Delta Hawk and spare rods in there. It was tight but it worked. Edit: Plus they make a jumbo version that's 8.5" diameter instead of my 5".
  3. I bought an HQ Delta Hawk last year for high wind situations and several times I've had 150 feet of tail on it. Padded straps, 120' of 150# line, a Gomberg 96' transition tail and a narrower 50' tail, also from Gomberg. Holy cow that turns heads
  4. I've revisited this topic and I'm finally happy. Messenger bag for the small kites and random crap, and a fishing rod tube for the bigger stuff. I've been on airplanes with this rig and I'm stoked. Many pictures and description: http://imgur.com/a/BP9Po
  5. Wow guys. You're making me want to supplement my 4D, Delta Hawk and beloved Widow Maker with a Kymera! Anyone flown both the WM and the kymera? Are they comparable?
  6. It has been a good Summer. :-) http://youtu.be/dvqA1xdI3aA
  7. Solved! couldn't find anything that I liked. So I made my own. Requirements: Holds my 5 dual line kites without folding their leading edges (beach mode)Collapses to 45" so it will fit in my car after folding my leading edges (travel mode)Clean and simple: linesets and stakes and tails and repair stuff live in a separate messenger bag.Collapsed to 42". Contains Widow Maker (with folded leading edges), HQ Delta Hawk, New Tech Detonator. My Prism 4D is in a separate messenger bag. Full length, 62". Contains Widow Maker, Prism 4D (both with leading edges fully extended), New Tech Detonator, HQ De
  8. Yeah, I bent a ferrule first time I flew my 4D just last week. I had ordered a repair kit but I think I skipped the ferrule. Guess it's time for another order...
  9. I bought an HQ 55" Kite Bag and I dislike it. There are now two holes in the stiching: one due to wear and the other due to poor quality control. And I'm not really a fan of the materials or the design. Do you have a kite bag that makes you happy? Details and pics please!
  10. Spine is 28". 28" * 30fps = 840 inches per second. 840 * 3600 / 12 / 5280 = 47 mph
  11. You people are awesome. I do feel a slight pull to the dark side. I know that it is useless to resist. I know that it is my destiny. But I'm not ready. :-) Day savers! Love the terminology. 4D and Delta Hawk here I come. Thanks so much folks.
  12. It's been a good week in Manzanita. Learned to half axel, after all. But the wind has often been a little much. Lots of white caps, sand blowing across the beach. Frustrating to set up and take down my Widow Maker, and I was afraid to take it through the middle of the window so I just sort of flopped around the edges until I got fed up and quit. Which leaves me wondering. What do you do when there's too much wind? Is there such a thing as too much wind? :-) Is there a dual-line kite that can handle 20-30mph? Recent threads here suggest it would be fun to get a long tail or tube, behind a real
  13. Major milestone this week. I can half axel :-D
  14. Nice. membership requested. Thanks!
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