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  1. See that's what I thought. I will keep practicing and I am sure it will start to click.
  2. Thanks all Great info.
  3. Thanks Katrina, That is a great analogy, I will keep it up and hopefully it will click soon I so long to make it look easy too.
  4. That is a good ideal, I did not know you could remove the ferrels.
  5. I have a question... What is the best way to take my Rev kites on an airplane? Can you carry them on or do I need to get a tube and check them. I don't want the TSA telling me the spars are deadly weapons when I check through security.
  6. pwiii

    Glow Kite 1

    Now If I can just figure out a way to shine that UV light on it while I am flying. How cool would that be?
  7. See it dose glow now if I can find a way to shine that UV light on it while I fly. How cool would that be at night???
  8. pwiii

    Untitled Album

  9. Thanks, It missed me as I am in Kansas for work right now. but my wife had to duck and cover. the tornados hit a few miles from where I live.
  10. I know what you mean I spent hours goofing around with the colorizer the other night.
  11. oops... anyway as I was saying such is life. I like the ideal flying for exercise, although I think I have too much fun to call it a workout. I will check the member map and if I ever get up your way I will send you a shout out. perhaps we could go and fly for a while. Now I just need to figure out the colorizer for a mid vent. Fair winds and Thanks, Paul
  12. Once again, you do not let me down. excellent advice one and all. I must say, so far most of you guys fly bit more than I get the chance to, bu
  13. So I would like to take a census. Weather and wind permitting how often do you guys fly? The reason I ask is after finding and watching everything I can get my hands on with regards to quad line kites I am under the impression that many of you guys with videos out there could quite literally fly with your eyes closed. Not that you would want to do this for too long as seeing the kite is part of the allure, or it is for me anyway, but things I really have to concentrate on such as bicycle turns just seem so easy when I watch all of the videos. Now I know the years of experience attribute to this and I know I will get better at it, but it is as if there is an auto pilot or rather not a deep thought process that takes place. Is this just deep muscle memory set in your body? and did you recognize a point when you began doing skills and think to yourself "hey I am just doing that now not processing each part of the skill." I have made leaps and bounds with my learning,or at least I think so. I am having a fun time learning anyway. I seem to have hit a plateau sort of stuck as of late. Is this normal? I travel all over the country for my job and my kites go along with me. I don't really have anyone to fly with so I have begun to rely on you guys to sound off of, also inspiration and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Kitelife! you all are great! I try and fly at least 3 or 4 times a week for an hour or so.
  14. http://kitelife.com/forum/gallery/image/4904-/ Hey cool kite that would be a perfect pair to my full vent. and yes it dose almost glow in the dark great kite for night flying, and you should see it with a black or UV light on it.
  15. Thanks John, So, Fly, Fly, Fly! Got it, will do Thank you for your advice. it is good to know that even the best sometimes have small issues. like "oops thats not what I meant to do " I wonder are there any videos of Pro's giving feedback to aspiring Rev Pilots at a clinic? I have watched all of the tutorials again and again. And will probably watch them again. But it would be good to see some new pilots taking instruction and hearing your instruction.
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