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  1. Here's an image I tried to take of all the Revs.  Sort of a kite tunnel.  Spent some time assembling them & then trying to stage the picture.  I then stood on the stairway trying to get the angle right.  The Rev collection has grown a bit since then.  I need to do a new group image.



    Last Christmas I decided to shoot an image with the tree.  This may become a tradition.



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  2. I look forward to further thoughts that you wish to share as you continue down the path of your KiteLife.  It now occurs to me that the Tramontana would be a great addition to my kite collection as I already have the tail to pull with the stunning looking kite.  I fly alone most all the time & occasionally have a few spectators.  I notice they watch the longest when I am flying dual line kites with long tails.  They also seem to enjoy stacked kites which I almost always fly with tails.  I can also relate to your comment about concentrating on dual line kites saving four line kites for a later time.  My trying to fly all types has undoubtedly slowed my progress in excelling in any one type.  But the journey is the thing for me, not my level of flying.

    Your brother in the sky, SHBKF 

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  3. Great to see you have two new exotic Sportwings.   I was hoping you would post something about the Neos.  The red geisha kite is spectacular also.  I am also glad to hear you will fly the Neos Omega as I would do the same thing if it were mine.  I really considered getting in on the bidding but held back for some unknown reason.  Now I know the reason.  I am very happy a fellow KiteLife member acquired it.  

    Best wishes from out here in the mountains.  SHBKF

  4. As time went on & I became a forum member I found that I could get to know these Master Fliers who made the kites dance.  I somehow became a part of the kite community & my KiteLife expanded to include fliers around the world.  This all became possible through little chips of silicon.  That is truly some magic in our lifetimes.  It's wide open & extremely personal all at the same time.  Thanks to all who have contributed along the way as we move through time & space together.  

    Madly dance away
    Cause remeber underneath you
    Is just a sea of air

    From Captain Beyond - Dancing Madly Backwards


    just out here in the sticks, SHBKF

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  5. A few years ago this was the first dual line video I viewed that allowed me to really see what was going on.  The black kite was magic.  I knew I needed one.  The views from the side showed the movement of the kite transitioning from one position to the next.  Other videos I had seen were from the flier's perspective & I could not tell which way the nose was facing even.  I had Know Eye Deer how to even begin the journey but I knew I wanted to get there.  Still on that path today.  And I even have my "Black Magic" kite now.


    "The Ring Wraiths ride in black, ride on."  SHBKF

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  6. It is interesting to read about revisiting kites with the memories that go along with them.  On my way home in the evening yesterday I stopped to fly at an abandoned soft ball field.  It's not a great place to fly but when the wind is out of the west it is at least possible.  So I opened the trunk, pulled out my original Zephyr & gave it a go.   Wind was the usual choppy gusty variable mix of three to eighteen measured just above my head.  Did I make progress toward advanced flying?  Not hardly.  But I did enjoy myself & remembered my early flights with that very kite in many different locations as it was my only decent kite for some time.  Only flew for thirty minutes & stopped before I broke it.  I have used up a number of spares on the old Z in the past.  Sun was going down & the wind died as I left.  Got my kite fix, had a marvelous time.  SHBKF

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  7. Early morning, the house is quiet, the crow caws as I drink my coffee & watch Krijn fly the Enigma in higher winds.  Clarity of thought while all is well & I achieve some insight for my perception.  Flying in light wind is more graceful.  It calms my soul.  Each time you fly the world of wind is a bit different & the kite shows it well.  Higher winds have always excited me but the light wind is subtle & magical when you gently play in the sky.

    Just out here in the woods,  SHBKF

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  8. I get ya Frankie. I really like your style. I feel the article was written to help give direction to novice fliers like me. While I have advanced a bit it still helps me to focus my efforts. Intent is still important for my Rev flying plus I am involved with many other types of kites as well. So I use the thought across the spectrum. Your videos are inspiring to me. I am flying short line urban type flying more & more as I find it works well for my local inland condition. Plus I really get a kick out of it. Keep flyin, SHBKF

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  9. KiteLife magazine's "Flying with Intent" really helped me when I read it a few years ago.  At that point in time I was struggling to just trying keep the kites in the air.  While I still remain a flailer at heart, it helped me along the path & encouraged me to make real progress.  When I applied intent it gave me some direction that was missing from my prior efforts.  I need to go read it again.

    Many Thanks, SHBKF


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  10. Thanks for the blog system John.  "Notes from the field" is my first attempt at a blog.  Some of the appeal to me is that I don't have to start a topic or ask a question nor do I wind up hi-jacking someone's existing topic.  It allows me to ramble on, post pictures, tell a story & so on  I also do not have to be concerned about killing a thread for which I seem to have a special knack of doing.  So if you visit it just realize I am indulging myself a bit.  SHBKF

    P.S. All the blogs have great names IMHO.

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  11. Manufacturer’s specifications

    Tube tail, 75’ x 2-1/2” diameter, color - black & white with yellow tip

    Bora 7, 49” x 36” with 200” tail, color - Blaze, line 300’ x 80#, wind range 6-25 mph

    Quantum, 84” tip to tip, color - Ice, lines 85’ x 150#, wind range 3-25 mph

    Zephyr, 92-1/2” tip to tip, color - Inferno, lines 100’ x 90#, wind range 1-17 mph

    4D, 58” tip to tip, color - blue, lines 50’ x 50#, wind range 0-15 mph

    Micron, 39” tip to tip, color - red, lines 50’ x 50#, wind range 5-25 mph

    Zero G, 42” x 47”, color - Flame, line 100’ x 30#, wind range 0-15 mph

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