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  1. Ridge lifting one day off the ridges of Palos Verdes .... Cal. it kept flying out to sea until I lost site... radio would not respond and it was last headed west.
  2. Agreed ... good sportsmanship is a quality to seek in others, as for others who disrespect through their actions... one can only say stay clear..... as a ship at sea always give right of way to avoid collision... in the case of kite practice... find a secluded beach.
  3. Yes... sir... Dad.... I got creative from all John taught.....My take away was the envelope is wide open, I'm even on a work out with an older Rev on ten footers ... helps with the arthritis......
  4. Welcome GregB.... as I recall, but this was in the eighties when I would visit the old port and ship channel, the wind would be pretty strong in West Sac, and the pocket area, I'd fly off the Transom, since then I am told the area has grown and neighborhoods dot many of the old sites... not many parks with no trees cause of the heat in the valley...you might try Carmickel west side of Folsum Lake cause there are sandy beaches and it is closer to the foothills. But for sure afternoon breeze off the delta are quite the storm up to twenty ... and more at times...
  5. Looking for Revolutiono B frame kit informaiton

    1. mystainedskin


      What kind of info are you looking for? models, avalability,comparisons...etc..

  6. Excellent ... excelllent...
  7. Yes, the classic change over will be in less than a week, More daylight means the hops are ready. Kite Flying takes on a whole new dimension.
  8. I just try to remember the thermos of coffee, I'm sure to forget...
  9. Wow, that's cool I'll have to make up some fifty footers and try the dance , as far as line management, I'm still using the ole' sock method ...gets me in and out and up quickly, even in a fair breeze.
  10. I just did it again, I think it is the distraction of kite flying . Cause then when I finally have to land, come back to Mother Earth, and settle my basic human emotions. I have to turn to the discipline of my tangled lines , the kite flyers marlin spike head set must come into play and deal with the reality, again of my tangled lines.
  11. Consistency rules my day Captainbob, I agree. I like your concept... One at a time...Two stakes eh ... I'd take a buttered role too. Cheers Chief.
  12. Winds up on a new storm YEAH!!!

  13. Sorry for the loss, been there too. I know the feeling on a perfect morning for flight. It captures an emotion that shuts down my common sense. STAY AWAY FROM TREES AND ELECTRICAL LINES, and sometimes even some birds. Yes I've had Pelicans attack or even worse goose. only one goose ... but that's all it takes and the investment in recreation is over for the day.
  14. Ah, yes in the eighty's I had a large foil sled single line Coast Guard Orange, used it on the Canoe while fishing to keep me in the middle of a channel at anchor.
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