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  1. I was trying to snag these as well, but no shipping to Oz!Well yet anyway.. Rob, if you want to, I can order one for you and ship it to OZ. Not sure what it would cost, but if interested let me know. Really appreciate that. I've spoken to Carolyn and shipping kills it at the moment for the amount I was after. What if we did a group buy rob? What number makes it worthwhile....
  2. Great flying, who makes the music in this video? Tryad - struttin ..... It's at the end of the clip
  3. Ok I have a couple of options on a couple of second hand dualie kites, but I can only afford one of them for now. The two options Flying wings soul Or Level one genesis They both are written up quite well from what I can see on the intaweb. Which one should I go for and why? *edit* also tell me a bit about their flight characteristics Annnnnd go !
  4. i currently have a set of soul in ear, but dont like the fit with the silicone tips, they stay in but arent comfortable. Have ordered some memory foam tips to see how they go. Am contemplating some overhead phones but not quite sure which ones are going to do the job at this point....
  5. So we talked about flying with music the other week. Tell me, whats your choice of headphones and why? In ear? Over head? Brand?
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  7. so i had a a bunch of 10gr oval shaped sinkers in the fishing tackle box.....i took to them with a hammer and flattened 3 of them, then bent them around a piece of wood..... then went to local hardware store and got some stick on velcro ...job done, now i have a 10gr and a 20gr tail weight
  8. you dont need it cyphert, im just experimenting with it to see what difference it makes when doing rotational tricks. @ mick , thanks man ...lucky we had this conversation earlier
  9. its a velcro flap one - the original
  10. does anyone have a picture of the original tail weight that is included with the kite? i bought a second hand ocius and was wondering what the original one looks like. Could one be made ? I have a kite shop generic weight i bought, but its kinda bulky, and zip tied on at the moment
  11. Wayne i have already got a an exp ....... not quite a B, but a full sail nonetheless Wasnt at my local field for first flight - that beach is about a 40 min drive from my place, but thats where the kite shops are :-)
  12. Arrived today....so happy, so very very happy
  13. http://www.revkites.com/forum/topic/4619-b-series-mod/
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