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  1. My end caps fell off also. I bought some replacement ones from Prism and they were longer than the stock ones and stayed on better. Not sure why they didn't include the longer end caps out of the box.
  2. Musti, I agree that it is an amazon problem. The description of the Zephyr is outdated and says it comes with the hard case.
  3. Chessgirl, I also recently bought a Prism kite from Amazon. Mine did not come with a DVD or instruction manual either. Not sure if it's an Amazon problem with their description, or a Prism issue.
  4. I've seen the Kymera and it is impressive and I would love to add it to my bag soon...however for now I'm looking for a cheaper option so that I at least have a reserve/back up kite...$125-$150 price range would be great. I want to see how kites in that bracket perform so I can compare it to the Zephyr.
  5. No I would consider other companies. I definitely would not limit my options to only one company.
  6. Thanks again everyone! I'm looking for my next kite purchase so I will have 2 full size kites in my bag, and couple of loaners for people who want to learn. I am looking for something a little more sturdy that I can bring out in light and some heavier winds. (We don't get many heavy winds here in KY but still) I've been looking at the Prism Hypnotist and Quantum. Both reasonably priced...but I'm not familiar with many other brands to compare with. Any advice? I've been checking around the forums and it seems a lot of good (and some bad) things have been said about these 2 kites.
  7. I did get the ferrule out, very easily actually. I used a small butane blow torch to head the broken ferrule and gently (if possible) heat the area of the spar where the ferrule was glued. About 15-20 seconds of heating and I gave the ferrule a good jerk/pull with needle nose pliers. Came right out. It's important to note that I didn't put the flame on the spar or ferrule. Just held the flame 1-2 inches from the piece so that it would it without torching it to bits. I'll have some spare ferrules in soon, and my spare lower spreader that I bought from prism should be in tomorrow. :-D
  8. Sadly I was just there for vacation. We stayed in the Flagler Beach area...I have an Uncle who lives in Jacksonville so I was up around your area for a bit.
  9. It could have very well been a gust. However the winds seem much faster when flying this kite. At times it will catch me off guard and pull me forward. I do recall one impact that could of caused the damage or at least some of the damage. I didn't realize it was actually broken until I went to pack up. I'm just thankful the spreader didn't pop out and puncture the sail. I did just pick up some heavier and longer lines along with the new spreader. I'll probably try and find a way to melt the glue holding the ferrule in first. If that doesn't work I'll move on to drilling it out.
  10. Thank you also Dayhiker. If you have any advice for removing the ferrule from the spar I would be happy to hear it. The female lower spreader is perfectly fine. I have to remove the rest of the broken ferrule from the male end. I've heard putting the tip in boiling water works to loosen the grip of whatever glue they use. And I am loving the Zephyr. Looks like I should get a backup kite soon...luckily it's raining anyway so I'm not driving myself crazy.
  11. Thank you Hasek! I will have to pick up some extra spars. I learned today that they can be very expensive if you purchase from the Prism website.
  12. I realize there wasn't much of a review in there which is why I titled it "newbie" review. No one should take my advice on a kite as I do not know enough about them yet. Thanks!
  13. Hello hello fliers. I am new to the kite world. I would always get single line kites as a kid and run around until I was dead tired trying to get it to fly. It wasn't until recently on vacation that I was able to fly my first kite. That lead me to a kite shop in St. Augustine where I purchased a couple beginner kites. A small stunt kite and a small parafoil. I flew both of those the rest of the week and I was hooked! That was last week. This week I decided to commit to the hobby by purchasing a new kite. I bought the Prism Zephyr, in the Orca color scheme. I must say I was absolutely shocked
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