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  1. I have a Kymera dual line kite for sale. It's lime green in color and virtually brand new. I have two of these but I only need one so I'm letting one go. It is an amazing kite which easily does all the latest tricks. Sail - Icarex polyester Frame - Sky Shark P300 carbon Size - 7’-2” x 3’-2”. Also comes with original 58/36” case and a fixed 15-gram weight on the spine and another one on the tail, plus two extra 5-gram tail weights. Sells new for $225. This one is almost new and I'm asking $150 including shipping in the states. Cheers!
  2. For Sale.... Joel Scholz Neptune II framed with Sky Shark p200. Excellent condition. Signed and dated by Joel. I do not have the original bag for it but it does come with a nice canvas sleeve. This kite grabs attention! Asking $200 or best offer including shipping in the US.
  3. Vintage HQ Catalyst For Sale. Fun kite with a flat sail. In pristine condition! These sold new for $225 back in the day. Wingspan: 90″ Height: 38″ Weight: 9.2 oz. Rated Wind Range: 4-20 mph Framed with G-Force Asking $75 OBO including shipping in the US.
  4. I'm going to sweeten the deal even more... Adding a second vented V-Max (total of three kites) for the same price. $300 or best offer includes shipping in the US.
  5. I am selling a pair of vintage dual line sport kites. They are a matching pair of custom V-Max kites that Level One developed in the late 90's. One is vented, the other is standard. Both are framed the same and have very little air time on them. Sails show no signs of flight. Frame... Wrapped G-Force leading edges, .230 spine Top Spreader... .230 carbon Bottom Spreader ... tapered wrapped g-force Dimensions.... 7'10" x 40" Sail Depth... 11.5 Wind Range... 3-25 Sail... Ripstop Nylon They are looking for a good home. Selling both for $300 OBO including shipping in the states. PayPal preferred. Thanks for looking.
  6. Welcome Barry! Excited that the AirFx will have a happy home!
  7. This kite is still available. A rare find and I'm selling it for $150 including shipping in the states.
  8. Thanks John... First day back from vacation. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it's still available. Nice crisp sail and ready to fly.
  9. This kite is still available. Not many vented AirFX's were produced. A great dual line kite to have for those extra windy days. ;-)
  10. This kite is still available. An attention grabber for sure. A fun kite to fly at the beach.
  11. Thanks John! Hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago! The year of the Circus. Fun times!
  12. This is a kite that I hate to see go. I have won several masters class competitions with this awesome kite back in the day. One of my favorites. A Vented Grey Fade AirFX! Hand sewn by Ken McNeil when he owned and operated Aerie Kiteworks. The kite features four vented panels near the trailing edge along with two stand offs and a batten on each wing tip. It is an ultra precise kite and is in excellent condition. It has an Avia Sport frame and measures 95"x40". I am asking $200 or best offer because this is a rare kite. I accept PayPal and shipping is free in the US! Cheers!
  13. I have a rare Joel Scholz Sky Delights "Jaws II" dual line kite for sale. This is absolutely a collectors item. Not many of them around anymore. This kite is also signed by Joel (pictured) on 4/14/97. Here are the specs for the kite: Specifications:Status - Out of ProductionSkill Level - Intermediate to ExpertSail - .75 ounce Ripstop NylonFrame - P2 SkySharkDimensions - 90-3/4"W X 40-1/2"HWeight - 11 ouncesAdvertised Wind Range - 3 to 27 mphMade in the USA I have flown this kite a few times and it flies great. Grabs attention on the beach for sure. Its a pretty loud kite in moderate wind. Its ready for a new home and a new sky. Asking $150 because its rare. Ill accept offers however. Includes free shipping in the US. Payment via PayPal.
  14. Yep... It still is. Ready for a new home. Terry
  15. I have a New Tech - New Jam dual line kite for sale. This is the revision of the Jam Session that Dodd Gross designed with New Tech Kites in the early to mid 2000's. It has very little air time on it, a nice crisp sail, and is looking for a new sky and a new home. It's framed with Avia Sport .2300 carbon rods and measures 38" from nose to tail x 7' wide. It also features 4 stand offs. The kite pictured on the white background is the actual kite for sale. Asking $75 including shipping in the US. I accept paypal and will ship via priority mail. Cheers.
  16. The red Echo indoor kite is still available. $90 including shipping!
  17. I'll tell you what... $95 and it's yours! Including shipping! Where are you going to find a deal like that for a quality indoor kite?!
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