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  1. applewpb

    Rev Power Blast 2-4 **SOLD**

    This kite is still for sale, would make a great Christmas present, and I can ship it in time for the Holidays! Mark
  2. applewpb

    Rev Power Blast 2-4 **SOLD**

    No, recently purchased two shook weaves and need the cash😎
  3. I have a relatively new Power Blast 2-4 for sale, very little air time. It comes with handles, bag, 100' 200# line set, and two extra LE frame pieces. Too much kite for me, asking $350.00. Mark
  4. applewpb

    WSIKF 2015

    My wife and I will be there for 8 days, making a vacation out of it. We booked our rooms back in December when we saw how quickly they we being taken. It will be our second kite festival, just returned from Wildwood and we had a blast. Hoping to meet some other flyers and getting some instruction from Mr. Barresi! Mark
  5. applewpb

    Subscriber Number?

    Thank you! Mark
  6. applewpb

    Subscriber Number?

    I just re-joined, what is my number? Mark
  7. applewpb