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  1. ok here is a screen shot I don't see where to edit title header. This is not new to me, is it right in front of me and I am just blind? haha
  2. Haha, replied to that PM! There is no such thing as too many kites. I had 23 Revs one time not too long ago! Reef, where did you say you were from in NC again? Mountains? I can't remember!
  3. SOLD SOLD SOLD I purchased this from a user on here about 5 or 6 months ago. Took it out yesterday to fly for the first time and was actually impressed at how well I did with it in low wind (1-2mph). I usually shy away from this low of wind so that I don't make a fool of myself but the Zen gave me the confidence I needed to fly. Custom sail colors. I am pretty picky about details so I want to share it with you for your consideration. I give this sail an 8.5/10 for condition. There is nothing wrong with it as far as tears, rips, holes, etc. Physically, the sail is great and still full on crispy. The white does have a few color shadows from, my best guess, light dirt or light dust. It is very tricky and it might just be from the transparency of what is behind it because from 10 feet what I see disappears and it wont show up in a picture even without a flash. hold it up to the sun and it all disappears too. Ultimately, while flying, I couldn't see anything but perfection. But if you know how to give a REV a bath this one could maybe use a quick rinse off. I hope that makes sense. It is probably just the nature of the white, or I'm probably just being picky, but you heard it here first. 8.5/10. Rev Zen rods sleeve $OLD, paypal (I will pay shipping contus) I'm selling because I am trying to put together a triple set of REV 1.5 (full, mid, and std)
  4. I need to head over to Etsy and pick one of these up. They look awesome. My golf ball top that JB literally melted while impromptu dogstaking many years ago needs to be retired!
  5. Only thing better than flying a kite yourself is seeing the excitement of kite flying in someone else. Glad we could reach a deal. Shipped out this morning! Enjoy!
  6. I am going through this kite phase right now and while I hate to let this kite go, I have to make room for other stuff that I plan to fly more. She has sat in the bag for a while so it is time to move it on. This is a B series standard with silver label race rods. Includes REV handles and 120ft of Berry Blue line. Now it has been a while since I had this line out so you may need to tune them a little to your liking. I think my right arm is shorter than my left by just a tad. I do mostly solo flights on short lines anymore so I'm ready to let these go! Price $old shipped to lower 48. You pay the paypal fees. No sleeve included. Great looking sail. Only typical fraying at normal leading edge locations. I think this is a decent price. If you don't think so feel free to make me an offer!
  7. Glad you got one too then. I wasn't sure how long to wait on a third person response. I only felt it was fair to sell to the first person who contacted me directly with a willingness to buy. This one smells good. I once had 15 revs stuffed in it so it is a seasoned pro that looks almost as good as a new one!
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