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  1. chewie8han

    Complete newbie here

    I've been watching my local weather a lot lately, and they pretty much keep saying the wind is 5-10 mph. That seems to coincide with this web page If I go up to the school (which is on a hill) I'll probably have some higher wind, but I can't be certain. Which kite works best in these conditions? I've heard the Spirit takes a little more wind to get going than the Rev 1.5. I've thought about the SUL but I don't think it would be strong enough for the higher end and the gusts. Any one know where I might be able to pick up a cheap wind gauge (portable preferably) to check out my local wind conditions. Thanks, Kevin
  2. chewie8han

    Best Resource ?

    I personally don't have either the Rev or the Spirit kites, so I'm definitely not an expert. However, I'm thinking about buying a quad, so I've done some research. On the Rev website, they have a page of techniques. It's worth a look over on that page to get some pretty good basics down. I'm assuming the 2 different kites fly similarly, so most if not all of the techniques should be helpful. Good luck Kevin
  3. chewie8han

    Complete newbie here

    Dorsal, that's just the type of information that I'm looking for. Of course, I don't fully understand most of what you put in the beginning of your post, but I get your drift. I like the idea of the quad sticks too. I don't think my wife would think too kindly of the "go pick up my kite" comments. Thanks for all the info, everyone! Kevin
  4. chewie8han

    Complete newbie here

    Well so far it appears that I should be looking at the 1.5 SLE. I'm still wondering about the much cheaper Spirit. Dorsal, what do you mean that the Spirit is more forgiving than a Rev? Do the Spirits come with any kind of instructions/demonstrations? Like I said, I don't have anyone around that can teach me (unless someone here is near West Chester, PA). Would I still be able to use the online technique tips from the Revolution website with the Spirits? I'm assuming there wouldn't be much of a difference in controlling the two. It's a shame that people don't learn on both kites at the same time to give an honest... this one is easier more reliable kite review. People learn on one then take those skills to the other. Thanks for all the help. Any additional info and other opinions would be great. Kevin
  5. chewie8han

    Complete newbie here

    I just came back from the Outer Banks in NC. I had a great week down at the beach (except when TS Alberto came through). The first 2 days I was down there, Kitty Hawk Kites was having a Kite Festival on the sand dunes. I got down there too late on Saturday but was able to go for a couple of hours on Sunday. Boy was that more fun than I expected. The had a ton of large kites flying. There were even stunt kite (2 line) lessons being given, but every time I went by they either weren't doing it, or there was a HUGE line. Long story short, I saw a guy off by himself flying what I think was a Rev 1.5 SLE. My wife and I stood there for probably 20 minutes watching him. I finally got up the nerve to ask him how in the world he can make the kite do that. I'd never seen a quad kite before. He showed me the basics and had me up and flying it myself in about 2 minutes. It wasn't hard at all (let's just say I didn't crash like I expected to, but it wasn't pretty). Anyway, so now I want to get a quad kite too. My problem now is... WHICH ONE??? I first wanted to get a Rev 1.5 SLE because that's what I think he was using, and it seems pretty highly reguarded. However, would I be better off with a Rev EXP since I have all of 15 minutes of experience with ANY stunt kite? I've found an EXP for $140, and a 1.5 SLE for $220. However, I've also found a Spirit quad for $110. Which kite would work best for me? I want one that's going to be able to withstand some crashes (onto hard ground, not sand) but not pay a ton of money. I don't really know what the wind is like around me. Some days it's pretty non-existant, but other day's it's pretty breazy. What are your suggestions for a complete newbie? I dont want to spend $100-$200 and end up with a kite that will break on the first crash. On the other hand, I don't want to get one that is so durable, it's not that great of a flyer. I also don't have anyone around (that I know of) that would be able to teach me. I saw the Rev's come with a video, but do the Spirits? Sorry this is so long winded!!! Thanks!! Kevin