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  1. WOW! I am really excited. I won the REV 1.5 vented package almost 10 years ago, ( Dec, 2008.) My son and I have really enjoyed it but it will be even better to be able to fly together now. Thanks so much, John, for the great prize. I discovered KiteLife online way back around 1998-99. It was very much instrumental in renewing my interest in kiting. I have been making and flying kites ever since. I have attended numerous kite making retreats, festival in several states and countries. I have taught at several retreats and kiting has been a part of mine and my family's life. I am proud to have been a supporter of KiteLife for all of this time. I am so happy that they inspired me to get back into kiting.
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  3. I was sitting playing a game with my wife yesterday when I saw the FedEx truck stop in front of the house. The fellow was walking toward the house with the recognizable triangle box Then I remembered I had won the REV! I had been so busy the last few days that I had forgotten about it ! What a sweet kite. I'm going diving at the end of Feb and it will be traveling with me. I'll be hitting up the IKE guys at Airwaves and Grand Haven this spring for tips. I have a used Rev II but this one will be so much nicer to fly. Thanks again to John and Kitelife
  4. Thanks for the Congrats and thanks to John and Kitelife ! I have been playing a little with some quad and this kite will make learning and flying them so sweet. I go to a few festivals in the Midwest in the Spring and will have to hunt down some of the IKE group for pointers. Maybe soon I can join the mass Rev flies
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