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  1. Pretty much what frob said. Where are you located? The Silver Fox 2.2 UL is a fun kite as mentioned above.
  2. Ocean Shores kites have one called the Challenger max. My son and I have them and have flown them up to about 30 mph wind. Decent kites for the price.
  3. A green one was the first stunt kite my grandparents got me back in the 80’s. Sure wish I still had it.
  4. Congratulations you’ll be amazed how well they perform if you haven’t had the privilege to try one.
  5. Two Fulcrums nice. Haven’t had mine out in a while, put it back in the kite bag for this weekend. If you get a chance try out a Djinn or if your like me just buy one you won’t be disappointed I guarantee it. Soon you will be like the rest of us and have way too many kites but that’s one way of figuring out what we like. I keep saying I’m going to sell some but never do. I’ve given a few away to new flyiers
  6. That’s awesome your first flight with it was with John T. no better person to learn from for sure. Glad you had such a good first flight with the Fulcrum. And like Edmond said I wouldn’t give up on your Revs yet you probably just need more air time with them.
  7. 90 wow. Nice collection Riff I’d love to try one of your home built kites someday. My next purchase will probably be a Djinndoor when they get to market.
  8. Dang this one has a lot of air going thru it. What is the lower wind range for this one?
  9. Djinn mid vent is my recommendation if your after precision. The supersonic would be my suggestion for speed, in the right hands it will fly faster in reverse than a 1.5 sail will forward. I only get mine out once or twice a year if that.
  10. My first rev is same color scheme and came with the SLE leading edge and I think The 2 wrap I’d have to look to be sure.
  11. Use a carabiner to hook handles to kite bag a fence chair anything heavy enough to hold kite up
  12. That’s awesome [emoji122] pretty cool looking kite.
  13. I buy 900 or so foot spools of LPG and sleeving material and make all my own. In 50 pound I have 30, 50, and 100 foot in 90 pound same lengths plus 30, 65, 85 and 120. Sometimes space is small so the short lines is all that will work and other times I enjoy the short lines 30 or 50 ft so I can see the kite and wraps on wing tips to make ground recovery easier. Light wind has became my preferred wind for duel line. When the wind picks up above 10 or so I usually get out the quads.
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