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  1. O MAN O MAN O MAN the drooling and anticipation starts again! You are much appreciated JB.
  2. WELL CONGRATULATIONS BIG GUY!!!!! And congrats to the DVD winners as well. Is this a great forum or what?
  3. I have had mine for a few weeks now and have tried it 6 or 7 times. It seems to be correct as far as wind direction goes.
  4. An update. After many hours of practice with my Rev 1.5 SLE I decided to put the Mojo up. I found that I can apply everything I have learned on the Rev to the Mojo and it flies pretty well; It does take more wind than the Rev to perform satisfactorily but overall doesn't do to bad. My grandson is back in school so he's not able to get out with me all the time but when he does make it out I let him fly the Rev and I fly the Mojo so hopefully he can get up to speed on the quad lines in general. I am plannig on buying a vented Rev in anticipation of the stronger Fall and Winter winds that are fast approaching. Thanks again to all for the helpful hints and tricks that made my flying experience better, this is a great forum. As I said in a previous post "this old man is having the time of his life". My biggest problem right now is fiding time to get with mystaynedskin so we can get some flying time together.
  5. Well congrats Nick. I'm sure you will enjoy your new kite.
  6. Mystaynedskin if by chance I should win I'll share it with ya' (if I can ever get time for us to get together)
  7. I'm in. New to all this stuff, sounds like a great idea. I was thinking the other day that I have some kites that I don't fly anymore since I got my Rev. They sure could use a good home.
  8. Let me start by saying thanks to all that offered tips and advise, everything was well taken and applied to the best of my ability. We (my grandson and I) got the Mojo to fly primarily by adding wind. We have had some pretty decent wind here the last few weeks, low teens, and that made a big difference. We made all the checks and adjustments as recomended and once the wind came up we have been doing pretty well with it. But the biggest plus is my Rev 1.5 SLE came in a few weeks ago as well. Man what a sweet baby that is, especially compared to the Mojo. I applied all the tips and checks to it as well and have been so pleased with its performance. I have been working on the basic mauevers that's on the DVD and the Rev website. I have got 5 or so of them down that I can accomplish pretty consistantly, I can see that there is definet learning curve but patience and perserverance should pay off. This old man is having the time of his life and my grandson is having a big time as well. Thanks again to all.
  9. Thanks Wayne. I have hooked up with mystaynedskin already. Saw he was in J'ville, sent him a pm and we have already exchanged phone numbers.
  10. Thanks for the replies so far. Dayhiker I do have a couple of duelies, a Prism Adrenaline and a Beetle that I have enjoyed getting back to.. My 16 y/o grandson has become my flying buddy and he too has been bitten by the quad bug. We plan to contnue trying the Mojo along with our duelie flying times. mystaynedskin There is an adjustment at the midpoint of the bridle, I made a few changes on it but it didn't seem to make any difference. I do believe I didn't have enought wind. Hopefully my Rev will be in ay day now butr I still can't give up on the Mojo. I sent you a PM. Wayne thanks for the wind tip, I'm sure that will help. I had been trying to get out with this kite for 2 weeks and finally had the time but Mother Nature did not cooperate. Flyguy You are correct sir, the beach times are so much fun.
  11. Old geezer but new to the quad line kites. Bought a Blade II 3m quad years ago but never bought the buggy. I'm to old now to enjoy that monster but have been looking at the Revs and such. Have a Rev on order but has been back ordered. I bought a HQ Mojo to ease my yearnings untill my Rev comes in. Took it out today for the 1st time and never really got it to fly. The winds were 3 to 5 but not steady. When I would get a steady wind for a few minutes the kite would rise and imediately dive to the left. I tried adjusting the brake lines and the top lines with the various knots avialable but nothing seemed to make any difference. I checked my line lengths as I assembled the kite, they are the same legth top and bottom. Any Ideas. TIA
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