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  1. Thanks guys. I'll read Watty's article. Actually, I flew it today (maiden flight) using 50# 90'. Almost no wind. Unfortunately, it was too long... I will heed your advice and use shorter lines, which I thankfully have: 12' and 20' ones. And yes, it's twitchy when powered... very twitchy. And, when it does load, it loads quickly with a lot of power/pull.
  2. Wow. Wow. Fantastic. And everybody was "in sync" .
  3. Hey guys. I just got an indoor rev for the sole purpose of flying outdoors in no wind or low wind conditions. What handles and lines should I get? I was thinking of the regular 13'' handles + 50# 90' (around there) lines? Any advice is much appreciated.
  4. Wow thanks guys. Yes, practice practice practice. Got it. It's just very tempting... you know... after watching those street kiting videos by Mr. Barresi! hehe. Yes, I figured to adjust the knot lengths or bridle lines, not the line length itself. But wow.. 7 to 10 inches more on the top leaders ... more than the brakes? That is a big difference. I think I'll adjust my regular 80/90' lines and see if that improves my stability first.
  5. Thank you John! Yes, I will definitely try it on the fields first. With a "ton of brake", I am assuming the brake lines should be a little shorter than the top lines.
  6. Hey Guys! So now that I've tried the 1.5 SLE and the Supersonic... I'm inclined to say that the Supersonic is much more fun but less precise. To my chagrin, it is not as fast as I expected it to be... On the other hand, I was surprised I could fly it in the same wind conditions as the 1.5 SLE. I thought I needed MORE wind to fly the supersonic. I love the speed and I can do the inverted sliding movement much easier on the supersonic than on the 1.5 SLE. ANY way... Back on topic: I want to try the 1.5 SLE on short lines, and use it on a walkway/street/pathway like how Mr. Barresi does it i
  7. Hey guys! I have the Rev 1.5 SLE, but I want to go a little/much faster... I was thinking about getting the Shockwave as my next kite. May I ask, all things being equal (same wind speed), between a Rev 1.5 SLE and a Shockwave, how much faster would a Shockwave be? Just want to get a quick mental picture of how a Shockwave would fly compared to a Rev 1.5 SLE.
  8. I know that the term "Master" is funny in a way. But, in reality, that is what the AKA calls tournament winners or the tournaments themselves (ex. Masters Ballet, Masters Multiline, etc.) Mr. David Hathaway won 4 AKA Masters tournaments/trophies, and he is also a member and co-founder of Team Iquad with John Barresi. Just someone to follow and aspire to... And.. of course, to not look ridiculous when flying the rev when in the same park... and that takes practice practice practice. To even have a minuscule percentage of what John and David has in terms of skill would be... fantastic!
  9. Thanks guys! Read the article, and it was exactly what I have always tried to do. I flew today (8th time) and practiced some upright left to ride sides with some success. Question: May I ask if a bicycle rotation is a slower version of the fast spinning trick taught in the DVD by Joe Hadzecki (included with the Rev kite)? Spinning trick = keeping one hand steady, but twisting the other hand forward A LOT. Bicycle rotation, assumption = instead of applying a lot of forward twist to one of the hands, I would apply less forward twist on one hand and a backward twist on the other hand? --------
  10. Hello kiters! I just bought my first Rev (1.5 SLE) about two weeks ago and flown it about 7 times. I've been trying to practice some the technique and tricks, but there are just so many things you can do with the Rev. I need your help in determining what to start with and what to do next as I progress along from the easiest to the hardest tricks to do. Here is what I CAN do with some ease: 1- Launch kite and land kite. 2- Upright hover 3- spinning the kite quickly (as shown in the DVD that was included with the kite) - please note this is not the bicycle rotation trick... but just the very sim
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