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  1. Never tried revs there, the other field was always so perfect...
  2. Is that in the neighborhood field?
  3. Take the handles of someone else's kite, that's my best advice. Most people will let you, and don't worry about breaking it. I can say with authority that they are very difficult to break. I'm not saying it can't be done, but I've done some amazingly awful things to my Rev's and have yet to break anything. If I see you at a local IKE fly you're welcome to take any of mine for a spin. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make it out a whole bunch so far this year... :-/
  4. Yeah, this is what I was afraid of, actually.
  5. *bump* Anyone? Any recommendations on a place to fly a Rev for a few hours? I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero, and I see a park named Sue Bierman Park right next door which seems to be fairly open to the east, and there also a park with in a short walk from the hotel called Rincon park that's right on the bay. What's the prevailing winds like in SF? Vented? Full Sail? Brian
  6. Lol, won't be there then, unfortunately.... 17th - 22nd
  7. Any Rev fliers going to Cisco Live in SF this May?
  8. Agreed with this, the first dozen times I flew quad (I was new to kites in general as well) I had one *hell* of a time with tangles. After unwinding I'd spend another hour or two untangling and then be ready to fly ... or more accurately (at the time), crash. I re-watched JB's video a few times and then one day, it just started working. I wish I could tell you what I started doing differently but I honestly don't think I *WAS* doing anything different. The key seems to be ensuring that when you unwind you're doing the EXACT reverse of what you're doing when winding. The other trick I figured out (I don't recall if it was in JB's video or not) is after I made it down to the kite end, I took a pair of lines in each hand, pulled them tight against the handles/kite stake on the other end and spread my arms far apart. This will move any small mess down to the handle end where it's easier to see. It also will pull out (most) false tangles. Lastly, if you've got a lot of twists, try and get the ones out where the pairs of lines are wrapped around each other. These are the ones that you would put the handles together and spin them around as a pair to get out. I often start at the kite and and spin the kite around like one of those flag dancers. Sometimes it looks like the lines are threaded together (where you'd take a handle and thread it through the other handle's lines) but they're not, and although it's tempting to do this you'll make a bigger mess for yourself. Wait until you have as much of the first type of twist out before tackling the second, threaded, type of tangle. ... that's a difficult thing to explain, so I hope that made sense. I've only been flying for about 1.5 years now and I'm usually setup in less then 5 minutes. I don't bother to keep the handles on the line either. I almost gave up after my first few flights, it's super frustrating to have two hours to fly and spend half that time just getting setup. I'm glad I stuck with it though! Swannie
  9. *VERY* well constructed too. Now I need to buy more kites to fill it up....
  10. Can you share some more pictures? Not a lot of detail at that website. http://www.ikeclub.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2325 there's an additional picture in that thread...
  11. Lam Hoac has a wonderful new kite bag that I purchased a few weeks ago. Really nice. http://www.thekitesite.net/shop/product_info.php?products_id=120&osCsid=d0953de7a13fef67b2d724c4f93c5c72
  12. Hello, Seems like most of the video downloads (in the Rev section at least) end in 404 pages, has anyone else noticed this? Thanks, Brian
  13. Agreed - I was the 4th kite in the line (sometimes 3rd) and it was great fun. I've only been flying a year or so, and this was my first time ever flying with others. The IKE/180Go! folks are a great group of people and I learned a lot from them.
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