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  1. RobB

    4 lines... your choices

    OSK is a trustworthy source, but please stay away from those too-good to-be-true eBay kites. Something sets off my Spidey sense when it's 1/3 the price of all the other kites. Maybe it's because I'm from NY, and have a 6th sense for the scam, but I never bought into that trap. I spent market $$$ for all my kites, and have not been too disappointed... I need to figure out how to replace all my Rev kites with Kite Forge kites, though. It's amazing how the kite funds dry up as the kids grow up !
  2. RobB


    I didn't mean to say anything bad about off-the-shelf good kites like Prism or Premier. They're good kites that will last for years. But, comparing those to custom kites is like comparing a Mustang to a Ferrari. If you appreciate that kind of thing, that's all. A skilled pilot can fly amazing stuff with a Prism Quantum, probably better than me with my best kite. But, it's something special when you know the person who made your kite, and you can see & hold in your hands the time & effort that the artist spent to make your kite. Something like Steve's last WidowMaker is also a piece of history. There will never be another one of those. My Widow Makers were made by Pam Kirk, kites that will never be made again. I am also lucky to have one of Steve Tapp's Enigmas, I enjoy flying it and thinking about him. Sorry if what I said came off wrong...
  3. RobB

    New Kite

    Nigel, what are you looking to do with the kite ? The Quantum is a great kite that will take you very far. What do you feel that you're missing ? What's your flying style ? Being that you're in the UK, I would suggest a Benson Kite. Contact Tim with the answers to these questions, and I'm sure he would build you something you will treasure for the rest of your life !
  4. I had just about the same list...
  5. RobB

    Information would be appreciated.

    Looks like the one I used to have. I passed it along to another Kitelifer, I hope he's enjoying it ! It was a real trip to fly, once you get used to it. I kinda regret letting it go, but I haven't been flying much, so it's better off with someone who is. Here's the manual, in case you don't have one...
  6. RobB


    There is no comparing kites like the Widow Maker or Lam kites to off-the-shelf production kites. Different level stuff. But, good production kites like the Widow are more than enough for just about every kiter out there. For me, it's not just about how a kite flies, it's how it's built, who built it, how it looks, etc... With hand built kites, there's so much character in the wing, and they fly really awesome, too. If you appreciate all these things, it's worth $100+ more to go for a special kite that was built for you. Your skill level doesn't really matter, as long as you're not crashing more than flying....
  7. RobB

    LET IT SNOW!!!

    Summer is my least favorite season. Miserable heat & humidity, crowds at the beach... Not to mention the worst wind of the year. I haven't flown a multi-line kite in at least 2 months. The only thing I fly this time of year is my trusty Ultrafoil 15 when I take the kids to the beach. Yes, that's my beach on a crowded summer day, my kids standing under the Ultrafoil. 😎
  8. RobB

    LBI Fly

    I'll be there Friday-Sunday. Here's to some good weather...
  9. RobB

    Karma - Widow NG (July 10, 2018)

    Congratulations ! This kite would be a great addition to anyone's kite bag. Smooth winds to ya !
  10. RobB

    Karma - Widow NG (July 10, 2018)

    Wow, nice kite up for grabs ! Cool colors, too.
  11. RobB

    Hello from Wilson, NC

    Welcome, Wilson, NC. I'm familiar with Winston. NC... where's Wilson ? Hope your wind is better than Winston !
  12. RobB

    Sky Burner

    The Solus is a lot closer to the trickiness (radicalness ?) of Lam's kites. It flops on it's back and rolls up just about as easily. The Widow Maker is much better at precision, you have to work for the tricks more, similar to the QPro...
  13. Red, right, Return (red is on the right when you're returning to port) When you're heading out, red is on the left... This is in reference to buoys, not navigation lights on the boat.
  14. Red stain will make it easy to tell right from left line. Red, Right, ((return)nautical reference))... That's how I remember, and it is a challenge for me as I'm dyslexic as they come !
  15. RobB

    Happy Birthday JB (June 1st)

    Happy BDay to the 3 of yous ! And... you're in a competition ? That's almost not fair... 😎