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  1. Hey Ralph... good to hear my first WM is still around ! Did you also buy that Blue set from Bobby ? Hopefully the OP has found one by now...
  2. How did I miss that this was back up for grabs ??? Love the colors, would look HOTT 🔥 flying on Long Island beaches ! 8)
  3. Hold out to find an original. They're out there. I had a NOS one in my collection until I flew it last year. What a dream, right out of the bag, flew like magic ! Just like my first one, and my second...
  4. I went to all the previous years, except last year. I priced the hotel I usually stay at and they wanted $500 per night for the cheapest room. Other hotels in the area are pricing the same. The event has become a tourist grab instead of a Kiter's fest, which is how it started out. So... I am not paying $1000 for a weekend in New Jersey when I can stay home and fly on my beach for free. I'm just sad to miss the many friends that I would always see at this event. LBI is nice, but not that nice...
  5. This is something missing from my bag... fingers crossed !
  6. Wow ! What a trip. I wouldn't mind flying that for an hour or two !
  7. Hope you find some, they are a BLAST to fly as a stack. Lots of little kites actually pull pretty hard, too ! This is a picture of a friend's stack that I got to fly...
  8. There was a time that the Nirvana was THE sportkite. I've gotten to fly them, but somehow one never made it into my bag. As with many things, I guess I always had time. I guess not... Put that on a list with Focus kites and Sturdy kites as well.
  9. I find the spot I like in the bridle adjustment and almost never touch it again. Generally, I like to bias towards nose-forward. If the kite's not flying in lower winds, I usually take out a lighter kite. The Nexus likes 5-15mph, and like most Prism kites, it flies with a heavy-butt feel. Doesn't mean it won't fly, it just flies slow... If you fly the Nexus in lower winds, it will teach you how to fly a kite like the 4d in zero winds.
  10. Hello, yvescalzetta ! Welcome... you're in good company here. Let's see some pictures of what you fly & where you fly.
  11. A full sized SUL in light wind is divine. I am a size large person, so the small, light inputs required for the small kites just don't come naturally...
  12. I have both kites, and would keep the Kaiju over the 4d. Both are small, but the K is a little bigger. The K is also a little easier to get tricks out of. Neither kite is appropriate for winds over 5mph. Neither kite is a favorite, just because of their small size. I prefer a kite to be 7' or larger, smaller kites just feel like toys to me. But... that's just me. 😎
  13. I've been using it for close to a year. No issues, I like it better than the yellow stuff. I would put it next after LPG...
  14. Generally a bad idea. It is just not good for the kite... That being said, Curved LE kites will offer more success than a straight LE.
  15. I didn't get a Mongoose when I had a chance, mostly because of the lack of buzz about it. I really liked the Exiles, standard and UL. I had a Mantis as well, but found it to be less tricky. I find the Mamba very satisfying to fly, and the newest version that's out now is supposed to be more adept at tricks. If you want to trick, the Exile would be my choice, although I would bet a Mongoose would be easier to find for sale.
  16. There is a guy who claims to have a number of them on FB... https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10158860538603659&set=gm.10158751190479044 Hopefully this takes you to that post in the 'Prism Kite Flyers' group.
  17. Sorry to say I'm going to miss LBI for the first time. Not a COVID thing, my wife chose to go out of town at the same time, and someone has to watch the kids...
  18. Yes, I have flown my standard Mamba in less than 5mph, and it flies beautifully. It seems to be good up to 15+ before the wingtips start to shudder. I am very happy with the Mamba !
  19. The budget is the biggest challenge. I would recommend something from Benson kites (http://bensonkites.com/) but you won't find anything at that price point. Maybe on the used market, but even that would be a stretch. The Prism Hypnotist would be a good choice for an all-around durable kite, but that would be a little above the price point, as well. Consider that a good kite will last more than 10 years, divide it out, and you will see that a quality kite doesn't cost that much per year. It is doubtful that anything in the low end will last for very long, or keep your interest.
  20. Glad to hear that you're on the mend. Hopefully it all goes well and you're back out there in no time. When I broke my back, I returned to flying weeks before I had the doc's OK...
  21. I've been trying to figure out which Benson kite is next for me. I have 2 Geminis, and they are radical tricksters. I haven't come close to feeling comfortable with them, there's always something unexpected happening when I'm flying them. They are top notch in construction, my skills just aren't up to their capabilities. But, if I want to do something crazy like a wrapped 540, the Gem would be my goto kite.

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    Hi, I would like to trade my custom colored Skyburner Tica for something else... I've flown it 3 or 4 times, and I just don't get along with it. Lots of people rave about them, but it's just not for me. I am looking to trade for something of comparable value (this was ~ $400 to my door). Benson, Blue Moon, Lam kite, etc... OR maybe an interesting classic. Let me know what you've got ! Thanks !


    Port Jefferson, New York - US

  23. Hey Rob... Port Jefferson beaches are open, East Beach & West Beach. The wind isn't as good as Cedar, because the cliffs block wind from the South. But... if you find an East, West or North wind, it's a good place to fly. Or, just relax.
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