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  1. WOW... I learned something here, too. Very similar to the kite stack that I flew a few years ago. A kite friend that I met at the beach threw it out on the line and handed it to me. I was very impressed with the pull, and how high of an angle that it flew. Now, this kite friend... many years ago she was president (?leader?) of the KTAI, and she had access to all kinds of kites that most of us don't see.

    I think that this kite that you have is an amazing part of kite history, don't let it go, you'll probably never find another.

  2. It kinda looks like a Triangulation, if it flies like it looks in the picture. The Triangulation is all attached to itself, so it looks like a stack, but not separated by lines. I've seen different versions of the Triangulation, some big with many wings, some with only 3 wings, and another with progressively larger wings. I flew a large (7 wings, I think) Triangulation. and it pulled like a mule. A quick google search reveals that it's a Joel Schultz design.

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