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    ITW Spectra, E3, can't wait to buy a Rev!!
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    Flew as a kid, now more serious as an adult
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  1. I don't have any pics of my e3.... Which is really sad cuz I do lots of photography! I'll work on that.... I'm planning on taking a pic of my rev when it arrives this week, but that will only be of it sitting in my yard
  2. Cool photos! I love the colors of your new Rev!
  3. Cool photos! I love the colors of your new Rev!
  4. Well I'm excited to report I just ordered my Rev 1.5!! It will be here Tuesday! I have been having fun with my Hypnotist and my E3, but then I watched a bunch of videos of the Rev's..... Couldn't quit thinking about flying one! Thanks for responding to my post
  5. I am excited to be a new member of KiteLife! I was wondering if there are any other members in MN? And of course I am always looking for new places to flly... thanks!
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