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  1. As much as I like the Quantum, I realized I already have one that looks very similar to the Karma prize. If it was a Quantum Pro, I would probably want to stay in the drawing, but since I've been lucky enough to win a couple of times this year, I would much rather see one of the newbies or someone who doesn't have a nice handling kite win this one. So please withdraw my entry from the drawing, and I will wait until the next Karma drawing to enter again. Thanks and good luck to all! mtgrizzly52
  2. I am IN! Need a new Prism for my Prism bag and the I've got the perfect spot for that sweet Quantum! mtgrizzly52
  3. Rob, I see my congratulations post didn't go through last night, so I'm going to steal a post from your drawing, just to say....Awesome Win and Congratulations. I'm jealous as heck, but I have a grin on my face cause I'm glad to see that you won!!! Also, I will step away from your drawing, not because of the prize which is a great prize....how do I know that? I have one and I do use it. When you live in the land of tiny puffs of air once in awhile, a wind meter is a good thing. Good Luck All!!! mtgrizzly52
  4. eyes squinting, blurry vision, fingers, toes, legs and eyes all crossed in anticipation!!! Karma, Karma Karma be a lady tonight and bless me just one more time! good luck ALL mtgrizzly52
  5. On that "Wait till your dad gets home!" comment....That was Karma, trust me, I have the scars on my rear to prove it!!! mtgrizzly52
  6. "I'm In" I told my wife I was going to quit entering for awhile, but then Mark has to go and throw a sweet Rev out as his Karma offering. I absolutely cannot resist the chance to add to my Rev collection and I have the handles and lines to fly it with!!!! Thanks Mark for offering up such a great prize! mtgrizzly52
  7. DRUM ROLL PLEASE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< And the Winner Is>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Random Sequence GeneratorHere is your sequence: 2 Makatakam 5 SparkieRob 1 Brucifer 3 Tim P 4 3wrapframe 6 PickenSW Timestamp: 2015-03-01 05:30:25 UTC Congratulations to..... Makatakam.....for winning the Karma Prize Makatakam, please PM me with your mailing/shipping information and I'll get your lovely little crazy dualie kite heading your way! For those that did not win, thank you so much for taking a chance, Just keep entering and with the odds we are seeing on these Karma drawings, you too will be a Karma Winner. Well that's all folks! I am now turning the Karma Drawing Topic back over to Mr. bbailey49, all around great guy and awesome topic moderator! Thanks again so much to all! mtgrizzly52
  8. Ok Players, I just got home, give me a few while I find and fire up the Randomize r program and I'll post the results!!!
  9. Well today is drawing day, but it is going to have to wait until this evening as I have an engagement that I have to attend in just a bit. The drawing will take place sometime after 9:00PM Mtn time. Right now we have: Brucifer #1 Makatakam #2 Tim P. #3 3wrapframe #4 SparkieRob #5 Pickensw #6 signed up for the drawing. Pretty great odds guys to be the proud owner of a very sophisticated and Classy Duallie kite!!!! You can still get on list by leaving a post stating; "I'm In" between now 2:35 PM Mtn and 9:00 PM Mtn time. Good Luck all and may the RNG be with you! mtgrizzly52
  10. Wow! Odds are sure looking good for this drawing with only five kiters signed up at this time. Four days to go and then this Level Seven is up up and away again! mtgrizzly52
  11. That's white butter cream frosting just to make that Level 7 look that much sweeter and tempting for all of you! *LOL* Actually since that picture was taken, there is hardly any of that white stuff left and we had about 3 1/2 feet of it sitting in our front yard about 2 weeks ago. mtgrizzly52
  12. I bought this kite brand new in Lincoln City around 2008 at a kite store which is no longer in existence. I flew it a couple of times in L.C. and at the WSIKF in Long Beach that same summer. I was very intimidated and frustrated with the kite, but finally got to the point where I could do a few tricks with it. I put it in my bag, and it has sat there since because I really love flying Prism dualies and then two summers ago, discovered my love of quads. The Level 7 has about six to seven hours total, if that, and it was never crashed hard, so it virtually is a new kite. Even though I was never able to master it, the area I live in is windless 99% of the time and my kite flying until recently has been minimal between kite festivals and trips to Lincoln City a couple of times a year. I really hope someone who has good wind and a good basic command of tricks wins the kite and learns how to fly it like you see in the video. Good Luck all and enjoy! mtgrizzly52
  13. Sorry for the delay everyone! Barton has the information or should have it by morning to set the new drawing in place. Right after the drawing, I got called out of town because of a family emergency and did not get back home until late last night. mtgrizzly52
  14. Thanks All! I'm still not believing it! mtgrizzly52
  15. Now that I've picked myself up from the floor after reading the email that said "mtgrizzly52 won", all I have to say is.....Waaaa Hoooo!!!! Had to read that darn thing 5 times before I believed it! : )) Also, I want to thank Rob for putting together a fabulous drawing and prize. I am humbled at the fact I was fortunate enough to have my number chosen. I will be working on getting the Karma drawing set up in next day or two. I already have a prize worthy of an answer to this drawing which I will reveal when I post the new drawing. Thanks so much Rob, and to all who participated in the drawing. mtgrizzly52
  16. I'm In!!! What a fantastic Karma offering! mtgrizzly52
  17. Congratulations Rob! I hope you got the winning ticket and get the chance to learn lots and lots from John!!! Well there goes my theory of being number 1 on the Karma List! *LOL* mtgrizzly52
  18. "I'm in" first of all and it appears that I'm #1 for a change. Also, I didn't get a chance to congratulate you Scott on your win of the last Karma drawing. You are a first class act and have a good heart. mtgrizzly52
  19. Barton, I am in!.....I'm in!!! Boy am I in! *LOL* What a great idea for prizes for Karma mtgrizzly52
  20. Way to go Barton.....It went to a very deserving kiter!!! Congrats mtgrizzly52
  21. I'm in! Definitely, I'm just a bit slow because of health issues. mtgrizzly52
  22. Ok competitors, here is the final results and the winner of that little purple Prism Micron demon. Here are those that are eligible for the drawing again in the order they entered: PereiraM #1 Amexpmh #2 Tmadz #3 Tim P. #4 Joespickles #5 Pickensw #6 mywindstuff #7 RevRookie #8 And Here is the results of the feared Random Sequence Generator: Random Sequence GeneratorHere is your sequence and Winner: 5 - Mr Joespickles 6 1 4 8 2 3 7 Timestamp: 2014-11-29 03:17:50 UTC Congratulations to Joe!!! Please send me a PM with your shipping address as soon as possible so I can get your kite to you as soon as possible. Also, I would suggest that you get a hold of bbailey49 to see about getting your Karma drawing set up. mtgrizzly52
  23. By the way, the field for the drawing at this point in time is: PereiraM #1 Amexpmh #2 Tmadz #3 Tim P. #4 Joespickles #5 Pickensw #6 mywindstuff #7 RevRookie #8 Pretty good odds for those that have said "I'm in!" If anyone else wants to take a chance at the sweet Prism Micron, I will leave the signup going for 3 more hours which means the window closes at 5:15 PM Mountain Time, 4:15 PM Pacific, 6:15 PM Central and 7:15 PM Eastern.....For the rest of the world, you figure it out, I'm not smart enough to! *LOL* mtgrizzly52
  24. Hi all, I haven't forgotten today is drawing day, I'm just not sure what needs to be done so I've got a cry for help going out to Barton who has been so very helpful getting this set up. Stay tuned and we will get this little Prism Micron a new home today if at all possible.
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