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  1. Completely blanked that you're doing this all the time. So cool of you!
  2. Kymera is not a single line though... Unless you know something I don't?
  3. The folks at Kites N Funthings said the yellow version would be coming in "later" when I asked about it. That was in June, so maybe they have it in stock now?
  4. I wasn't aware that CTW had any stores still open!! All the ones that I know of have either closed or changed hands to new management!! Case in point - the CTW store in Lincoln City is gone now!! Neither was I. Was walking back to our camp spot and literally ran into the building. Was a bit tired from the session Not sure who owns it at this time - a very nice gentleman and his lady friend were running the place when I went in.
  5. Yeah! Was surfing at Pacific City this summer and stopped into the CTW shop. He still had a couple left, and showed me the "high wind upgrade" as it was blowing good (the kite surfers were very happy). We've dubbed it the "flying mustache" as it seems to look like one when it's going really fast (and probably about to crash...).
  6. Did anyone else ever pick up a Catch The Wind spidermite from back in the day? It has been coming out when the coast is blowing like crazy. It is small so not much pull, but it sure is fun and fast.
  7. I had stepped away from any kites for over a decade, and upon coming back I picked up a Premier Widow NG. It's the affordable, overseas version of the Skyburner Widow Maker. Been a great entry back into the dual line world, quite capable trick-wise, and didn't break the bank. I have not been extremely easy on it, and it's still holding up great. I'm 90% sure it's framed with P-300. There's probably a million great kites out there, this is the one I ended up with, and am pretty happy with it. It goes down to about 5mph, though I'm starting to learn to fly it in even lower winds, but not much. Hope that helps!
  8. Whenever you have a moment, would like to know which barcode # to tattoo on myself...
  9. Another great opportunity provided here. Thank you sir!
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