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  1. I think that if they work for you that is awesome. As far as flight characteristics in light wind I have not noticed much, but I'm sure there are. I tried them on a 1.5 SUL with a diamond frame.
  2. skline

    Handle sizes

    Did not like 15" handles at all until I started flying indoor. Now I will use them in light and moderate wind, and even tried them with my full vent last time out. I liked it, smaller movements on inputs and have gotten away from the jerkiness that I used to have with 15" handles. But like you guys said, it's all personal preference.
  3. Thanks so much, that is awesome.
  4. Back in the nineties I would use ripstop tape or a little heavier one was Dacron tape.I will remember the tip about Tedlar tape, thanks.
  5. I tried 15" handles on a SUL 1.5 in very light wind and it did feel twitchy. I switched back to the 13" handles and for me it was much more fluid and smoother. It is probably just what I am used to.
  6. I tried diamond spars for the first time today in a 1.5 SUL and they did really well in very low winds. I tried them also in a B-Pro Standard, but the SUL was more reactive. It surprised me how much wind they will take, up high was 5 plus and they felt great.
  7. You are right Jay, I tune with as much brake as I am comfortable with, it definitely makes a difference.
  8. Dragonfish I just noticed that I have a B-Pro standard sail that is the exact same color that yours is, great looking kite.
  9. Dragonfish you are so right. After I work on it for a while I switch to working on clockwork or something else that is different for a bit.
  10. Thanks Dean, I will keep those things in mind next time out.
  11. I worked on the circle in reverse yesterday and it is getting better. The key for me appears to be the timing of switching to the upper hand back on that backside climb.Thanks to everyone for their responses.
  12. Thanks, I will give that a try.
  13. I am struggling with flying a circle in reverse, specifically going up the back side of the circle. It's like the little engine that couldn't going up that back side. Once I get past halfway I can usually make it, but getting there is the issue.
  14. Skline +1 (7) added mid-vent BP
  15. I don't think they look as good as the B series, would be interesting to see how they fly.
  16. I use a Rev 1.5 SUL in light wind, I also have a B series standard sail with a race frame that seems to do well in light wind. As for your list, the 4D is to small for me, I like a kite that I can feel more. I love the Zephyr in light wind,very smooth and graceful.
  17. I wish we could all win and in some ways we all will, happy holidays.
  18. skline


    Oh Yea, my standard B-Pro should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. I am So excited to see it.
  19. skline

    Triple Vent

    Thumbs Up, would love to fly in upper winds.
  20. Nick, I have a Backtracker for collecting dust bunnies and I'll trade you straight across, what a deal.
  21. skline

    It's Here!

    Awesome, now get out there and fly!
  22. skline

    Zen Question

    I do not have a Zen(have a SUL 1.5), but I would try the 50 x 120 first. Gives you more time to react and gets you into some upper wind if needed.
  23. This one would go well with the B series standard sail that I just ordered. You guys rock!
  24. Once I found out about the knots in the leaders on your handles and then adding more brake it made a big difference. (Tuning). I still have a ways to go, but it's a start.
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