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  1. Hello all, I’m a fan of the North Shore Radical and some time ago got the idea of getting some of the other kites in the series for low and high wind days. Bought a North Shore Extreme some time ago, fun little kite for when the wind picks up and don’t want to be dragged down the field. Now thinking of possibly getting a Windrule for those low or no wind days. If anybody has one that is not using anymore and is willing to part with it I’ll be grateful. Does not need to be new or pristine, because I intend to fly it a lot! And possibly stack it with a NSR and an Extreme sometime. Thanks, Nilsen
  2. Hello everyone! I know this is an old post, but any of you still have a Hawaiian Team for sale? I have a 3/4 Hawaiian, but always wanted a full size one. Waited too long to decide to get one
  3. Welcome to the forums nmicheli :)

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