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  1. Welcome back. unfortunately kiting has declined since the 90's.  Manufacturers aren't as numerous, especially in the US.

    Definitely check out Lam Hoac's kites.   He enjoys conversation and is very helpful.

    I also like my LumoKites by Antonis Loumiotis

    A lot of top flyers are making and flying kites based on open source plans  http://www.kareloh.com/kite-plans

    I've been told that Krijn Hemminga can make a lot of the open source sails and you just add the hardware. 

    Check out Virtual Freestyle for some great trick performances and to see what kites top flyers are competing with http://vf.kiteclique.com/

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  2. Thank you so much for the history of these kites.  When I received them, there definitely was a mental question about why two sets of the exact same kites.   Now I know.

    That's a great picture!  Thank you for sharing.  


  3. 6 hours ago, mebeatee said:

    Again....wonderful... That's a real nice place you have to fly in!!

    That was the size(d) kite that would literally float and glide ever so slooooooowly.


    Thanks Barry.  Did you ever stack them while you owned them?  I found that I enjoyed it more  than flying a single Synergy Deca.  They become more stable and even more floaty.

    Thank you again for selling me these kites.  My next attempt will probably be a 3 stack of Minergys


  4. Nice videos from Cirque du Soleil.  I'll have to put together a video once I get some more time on the lines.  Haven't seen anything smaller than Zero Wind Great Decas in these videos, so I could add  to the community some with those kites.

    This is the most impressive video I've found so far.  Plus I enjoy his dual line style too.


  5. Or search out "Steve Santos",
    he flies two Deccas at once, one-handed w/one and one "no handed" at all, plus has a cool catch at the end of his routine.  Kinda' a barreled roll-up type of thing (from overhead) that is simply amazing and must have taken decades to figure out!
    He and his lovely "significant other" are both cohosting the indoor at WW this year.  

    NEW for WIKF 19 – World Indoor Kite Show!

    Sky Festival Productions along with facilitators Steve Santos and Sue Moskowitz is super excited to announce the inclusion of a completely new aspect of our indoor kite flying festivities, the World Indoor Kite Show!

    While we have always incorporated the World Indoor Kite Competition, this year we are stepping it up with a multi-faceted and generational indoor kite flying experience to take place at the Wildwoods Convention Center, East Hall, on the last day of the event, Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day).

    Thanks Paul, I did find one video from last year. He does do a lot of one handed flying.

    It also seems to be a trend that people are flying Great Decas. Which I do not own currently. Just normal sized Synergy Decas and Minergys

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  6. I've acquired some Decas recently.  Both Synergy and Minergy Zero Wind Decas.   I'm working on basic indoor flying with them and they are quite different from indoor rev kites.   I haven't found many videos and I was wondering where the best source of learning might be. 



  7. I really like my UL as well. It's not as refined as the AC SUL, however it's a fantastic value. I like to practice yo-yo tricks with it. It's turtle is so deep it will easily flip into a yo-yo with slack lines. Just throw your hands out and wait for the kite to flip around the lines and take up the slack. No real setup moves needed like most kites

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  8. I love my Wala and indoor gliders; can someone recommend an ultralight fighter kite? Either one to buy or where to find very detailed plans? Thanks. 
    I recently purchased this De Tomaso Superleggera from Thomas Horvath. It's not considered a fighter kite, however it can have some of those qualities.

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