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  1. It maybe the first one in the US, I had not asked Bernd.   Conversations between us were a tad hard because I know zero German and his English wasn't the best.  I flown it a couple of times indoors and outdoors.   It's really a tad too big for my indoor space.   You or anyone else that wishes to fly it are more than welcome to when we're together.   It's very agile for it's size

  2. I bought these two Jam Sessions back in 1996.   The vented version I purchased at an auction during the Outer Banks Stunt Kite Competition. I recently repaired both these kites.   When I pulled them out of the bags and assembled them, most of the leading edge connectors disintegrated.   They have now been replaced.

  3. It's close to flying like a Rev.   It's basically the same size as a Rev 1.5, however it has a bit more weight to it because of the two extra spars along the back.   These keep the sail more flat and prevents legs from kicking out like a regular Rev.  It's a similar flying experience, but not exactly the same.  

  4. 1 hour ago, Exult said:

    Really like the perspective the lines in the foreground gives. How did you hold the camera here?

    Thanks!  It wasn't the easy to do.   I was holding the camera in my hands with wrist straps on the lines.   I then took a bunch of shots while try to get the kite in frame.  This one worked!  The other shots didn't quite work lol   

  5. 3 hours ago, mwp said:

    How do you like this one?

    I really like it!   It's a very fun kite that can easily be whipped around and doesn't fall out of the sky if you do something wrong.  Just over 7' wide, it's a smaller than full sized kite which was the appeal it had to me.   Flies in maybe 2 to 3 mph winds, not really a no wind kite.

    I mostly fly it on 100# lines 

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