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  1. And the winner is: #5, Reef Runner! Please send me a PM with your shipping info and I'll send this out asap.
  2. OK - looking for some assistance with the company RNG to announce a winner. Otherwise I will have to throw darts and someone may get hurt (likely me). Not a long list so this should be exciting.
  3. Opened new topic from my desktop. Hoping it is sitting in the review queue for the moderator. Let me know if it is not so.
  4. A lightly used Prism Fiip if you have good Karma. Winner to be drawn on 3/12/14. To enter post clearly "I'm in" Entry number will be assigned in order of entry. Drawing will be done using the RNG method. All entrants are welcome. I'll cover shipping to anywhere in the continental US. Entries: 1. Reved 2. boomertype 3. mtgrizzly52 4. JustStuff 5. Reef Runner
  5. Will try again tomorrow morning Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Trying to post a prism flip Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks to all for your patience and well wishes. We ran into some challenges but are back in the swing of things. We'll be posting shortly!
  8. I'm in - would love to keep all my gear together - rev accessory cool too!
  9. Welcome to the forums ninja :)

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