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  1. Looking for the following Aterlier kites: "Plasma" "XT.z" And these from R-Sky N3E STD Nirvana LW (preferably with covered leading edges) Must be in original / great condition. Let me know if you have any. Thanks, -Frazer http://www.kiteclique.com
  2. This is a *great* kite, capable of all the latest tricks I have one in in a single dark grey color - but in the sky and backlit it takes on a stained glass window effect - very nice. -Frazer (http://www.kiteclique.com)
  3. I have pair of Atelier Masques STD Atelier Masque: UL Atelier Masque: These are older kites - a least one used by a team in France. They remain in very nice condition. I've replaced the APA's which were sliding around a bit and had the trailing edges reinforced by Ken McNeil of Blue Moon Fabrications (Kites) to prevent wear when flying turtle based tricks (particularly multi-lazies). These are classic full-sized, competition oriented kites. They will trick, slowly and on longer lines, but they are not what you'd call modern-freestyle-monsters. -Frazer
  4. I bought a set of Mirages. They where carefully packaged and promptly shipped and Deb was a pleasure to trade with. Thank you. -Frazer
  5. I can't follow this thread ... are these Warbirds still available ? And if so - how much are they ? -Frazer
  6. The Old Dominion Sport Kite Championships (ODSKC) are coming up June 25/26th in Richmond, VA. If you have any interest in competing, spectating or just hanging out and flying with the cool folks of the Eastern League I encourage you to drop by the event. They'll be dual and quad line events, Hot Tricks and Fighter Kite / Rokaku battles for those interested. Don't be put off by the fact its technically a competition, its never that serious and its really just about getting kiters together and sharing some good times. Here is the event details: http://easternleague.net/events/1025 If you have any questions post them here or PM/email me and I'll do my best to answer them. I hope a bunch of y'all can make it. -Frazer
  7. Looking for an Atelier Lynx Feather or Double Zero. Needs to be unmodified, undamaged and remain in very good condition. Thanks, -Frazer
  8. We're raffling off a Level One "Black Pearl Pro" in support of the Old Dominion Sport Kite Championship, ODSKC in Richmond, VA next month. This is a fantastic freestyle/competition kite. A review can be found here Tickets are $10 each, a maximum of 40 will be sold. Gets yours here http://easternleague.net/events/1015/donate The kite has been gently demo'd but remains in good as new condition. Sincere thanks to Thorsten Mikus and Level One kites for generously donating this kite for the raffle. Thanks, -Frazer
  9. Welcome to the forums fworley :)

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