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  1. Monthly may be a bit ambitious for a spread out group, but I like the idea. You are about 3 hours from Atlantic Beach (Ft. Macon State Park) where we fly. If you are needing a kite flying fix next weekend venture on down. Karen is local, i plan to be in for the weekend, Ed comes down from New Bern and Chip/Caroline should be in for the weekend too.

    Don and Jeri of Kites Unlimited are starting to plan some Kite Fliers Retreats". Not all the usual Festival stuff, just a group of people together to fly kites, somewhat loosely organized. Should be a blast. We will have a "center stage" for demos, presentations, mass ascensions, etc. but it will be all about flying kites. Let's keep in touch.

    That is open to anyone wanting to join up and fly with us.


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  2. Wow! I just caught up to the drawing. Thank you JB I really look forward to flying this kite. Can I get you to bring it East? You and TK can come for a nice weekend of beach flying. :) I flew with Chris at the Carolina Kite Festival and look forward to flying more with him. I will be sure to send a thank you to him as well.

    Yes Nick we always need one more... I need to get you to come to the Southern Outer Banks sometime and fly with us. Save about 2 hours of your drive to the beach.

    Thanks again to all who participate in Kitelife. I love flying all kites and enjoy meeting as many of you as I can as I travel around.


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  3. I'm stoked and ready for our Southern Outer Banks (SOBX) kite festival at Atlantic Beach, NC. Don, Jeri and Brett Dixon are hosting the latest in a long line of kite festivals based in the Atlantic Beach area. Visiting from the West Coast will be the Sundowners, Ray Wong and Randy Toms. More local kiting celebrities Chris from HQ, Cath & Eliot Shook, and I think Jim from Sky Dog will be at the fest.

    Several Kitelife regulars and local pilots will be on the field with SLK's, Rev's, dualies and fighter kites. Talented pilots and skilled kite building craftsmen will be available in a laid back, friendly atmosphere. This event last year was my first festival. I put up a SLK, kept the Rev in the trunk. That didn't last long as several rev fliers were more than ready to help teach me to fly the quad. The weekend started me on an adventure (read addiction) with all kinds of kites.

    The weather is promising to be wonderful with our great daily breezes to allow all kinds of kite flying. Free fly, compete, watch, participate, teach, demonstrate, learn... you got it all available at this event.

    I will be there, if you are not then you are the one missing out. :)


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  4. Ok Karma fans, up for grabs is a two component offering. One of my latest stake holders and a Buka Fighter Kite. The stake holder is tan on OD green and is made to my new standard length and positioning.

    The Buka is one that I just completed. Light weight Mylar film is attached to carbon fiber rods for a nice, easy to fly fighter. I completed the project while chatting on KiteLife last night and took the project out for a tuning fly this evening. It is a very smooth flying design which is easy to steer.

    If you’ve never flown a fighter you will be in for a treat. These are simple single line kites which rig up in seconds. Many times we pull out fighters to fly when we first get to the field and more than once they have stayed out for hours because we have so much fun with them.

    Good luck, remember it’s “I’m in” to officially get in this Karma drawing which will be decided by the RNG.

    Standard Karma Note from the Moderators:

    This is a Karma Drawing. The winner of the drawing is expected to pay it forward by offering their own prize for the next drawing. Please do not enter unless you are willing to offer your own prize, preferably not the prize you just won. Drawings should be open for entry approximately 2 weeks, and the next drawing should be posted as soon as possible to keep the Karma rolling.
    These drawings are run by and for KiteLife members. The moderating team only ensures that your drawing post contains all of the pertinent information (drawing date/time, adequate prize description, drawing rules) before approval. If you are a KiteLife member from the US or Canada, you are eligible to enter. You do not have to be a paid subscriber.
    Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize.

    Here is the link to the original Rules and Guidelines thread:

    The mechanism for the drawing itself is entirely at the discretion of the person offering the prize. In the past, entry number has been determined either by order of entry or by the post number in which the member declares entry into the drawing. The drawings have been performed using the RNG method (
    http://www.random.org/sequences/) or by choosing the numbers out of a hat (I believe an adorable daughter did the picking in that scenario). The only requirement is that the method of selection is clearly spelled out in the drawing post.

    Entry into the drawings is done by STARTING a post in the drawing thread with the entry phrase chosen by the drawing host (Traditionally "I'm in", but "I LIKE" has been used as well). In order to remove any confusion or misinterpretation, only entries with posts that START with the phrase will be considered. As with all other KiteLife drawings, bantering is encouraged. This is for fun after all.



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