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  1. JB may ban you from the forums for that Bob!! Lol. JK. The most comment feedback is that they are different not better. I don't think there is any chance of them stopping the B Series.

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  2. I have the yellow and black version. I really enjoy flying the widow NG. I love my Revs but it's fun to fly something different every now and again. You can do tricks on it but it's great just to cruise around. If I was going to spend $300 I would get another Rev pro.

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  3. Day 29 for me got the Hybrid 200 in the air for the first time. Ian "forced" me to complete the set and just like the 130 and 240 the 200 took off on a beautiful glide from the first launch in the air. What great gliders. Thanks to The Kite Shoppe for such fast response to the order. I placed the order late Wednesday night and my kite delivered on Saturday. USPS tube and the kite arrived without incident. Only problem is they are calling for 20+ mph tomorrow. No gliding outdoors.


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  4. Because of the venting this kite does not pull as much even in higher winds. The 90 pounds or 100 pound lines should be fine.

    As for frames 3 wrap or green race would be preferred. Four wrap only for really heavy wind. I have read where people have tried black race frames in their full vent for medium to light wind.

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  5. I have a non vented iFlite that has been roaming around with me. Mainly getting airtime at my hotel room or at the office. Nice fun downtime. I did fly outdoors at KP picture above. Ian inspired me to get a Plutz-3 and Mega Plutz-3 they should be in soon. Nick and those of you just reading, glide on in. You'll love it.

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  6. I like the 50's when there is a crowd, but I flew on a set of 120's at KP and that was cool. Going to make a set. It's a whole different game flying in a pattern. Even just playing follow the leader. Both are worth trying.

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