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  1. He had oxygen down to 15,000 feet then he handed off the bottle to a skydiver freefalling with him.
  2. https://www.windyty.com/?48.403,-123.339,15 is my favourite spot, and it seems to zoom in a bit closer.
  3. On the ABS that is the technique that Lam uses. There are 3 holes on the reinforcement patch & the bungee goes in & out and around to form a loop that the vertical end goes through before you stretch the end cap on. The spar is locked in place in the centre of the point on the sail. I didn't get it until he showed me in person - then the light bulb went on!
  4. RevRookie

    Custom build

    Glad to see you're still doing really nice work on those! Kelly
  5. The RNG is into "odd" little numbers - if you know what I mean!!!
  6. Now that it is officially out I wondered if there was any hands on information?
  7. Has anyone here seen or better yet flown the new Reflex? I saw a picture on Facebook but I'm interested in details of why they made these. Where do they fit in the family? Advantages? Problems? Did you have a finger in this John or are you too busy elsewhere? Curious...
  8. No, I have a small Sting that I use as a quad trainer and I have 2 or 3 two line foils for zooming around like crazy. With no sticks and nothing to break, I'm happy to hand the handles to anyone and see if I can hook them.
  9. What you seem to be missing is time on the lines. Watching someone else do it is not the same as trying it for yourself as you found out with the eagle kites - so often it is much harder than it looks... but that is where the reward is. So what's it going to be? What kite has grabbed you enough to be your first. There's a thread somewhere on here where people reminisce about their first - you never ever forget your first REAL kite! You know lots about them in your head, but now it's time to move it down to the heart and hands. Dive in the deep end and see where it takes you. We're all addicts here so we understand completely. I don't know the US scene well enough to know if there are fliers in Joplin, but if you do make contact, I'm sure you will be able to try before you buy. Good Luck and welcome to a new passion!
  10. Quit the newsletter. I see a new business in the making!
  11. There are two Rev shops out of Alberta. I've got spars from The Kite Guy in AIrdrie - good to deal with. http://www.kiteguys.ca/ There is also a shop out of Lethbrige. http://www.canadiankitecompany.com/ Both are on the net if you search. Alberta has no PST either. These shops sell other kites and supplies as well - not Rev exclusive. Kelly
  12. I've dealt with Reved before (almost running out of fabric - how is your sister?) and can vouch for him. I'm in Canada too, and he helped me out a lot when I was very new to the Rev game. Don't hesitate to get in touch with him. I think the idea of the second sail is the right way to go. With all respect, the idea of burning holes in your primary kite gives me the willies. Get a sail and get a bridle kit so that you have choices about what you fly that day. When my ship came in and I could buy three ABS kites, I got the UL, midvent and fullvent. With those three I can fly in most anything and they are all ready to go whenever I get the time. Good Luck!
  13. Isn't that a bit distracting when you are trying to keep your eyes on the sky?
  14. That's something I hadn't thought of... Please explain a little more. My little pocket parafoil flies quite high overhead but my bullet is at a much lower angle. For straight down overhead shots, the higher angle would be more useful. Interested to hear more pros and cons of different kites for lifting KAP. Thanks.
  15. If yours looks like this one, send me a PM with a price, because I would be interested.
  16. So would this Super Sled be a good choice for KAP with a +/- 5 lb camera package to carry? What would be the useful wind range for the rig? Would it need to be anchored or would the pull be manageable to walk around with? Thinking about beginning KAP and needing some information with some experience behind it. Thanks Kelly
  17. Boy am I glad to hear that others have these sorts of problems too. I had a brand new ABS from Lam - 2 days old - tucked under my arm as I reached into the car for the lines. The wind blew the door shut as I straightened up and my wing tip rods were 2" shorter than they were supposed to be! That was truly painful, but Lam fixed me back up quickly. You all make me feel a lot better!
  18. I'm working with Doug Stout on a 48" Bird of Prey glider in custom colours. We are sorting out the details but I hope to have if for a birthday in September.
  19. I'm in. My wife needs a new one to fly. She would prefer the red and black if I'm the lucky winner.
  20. For me, the fact is I don't fly single lines hardly at all anymore and don't have a lifter that would do this justice. Quads - the ABS trio that I got from Lam - are the only ones that see air time anymore. I'm seeing progress with them, and anything else doesn't have much challenge or thrill for the last year or so. Good luck to someone out there!
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