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  1. I like - in fact I love! Those are my colours and I don't have a glider - YET! Thanks Fred.
  2. I'm in! I posted in the Rule Change thread, but I guess I need to make it official here as well.
  3. MOST EXCELLENT INDEED!!! I'm in with both feet! (And since I'm going to win, I even have the next karma prize picked out to keep that Karma flowing!)
  4. Kudos on the music backing too. Very pleasant and appropriate. Multi-talented guy! Thanks for posting those.
  5. July 1 is Canada Day! They need to come & celebrate... Red & White into the Blue!
  6. This is what happened to an older Rev 2 that I bought off someone here. I needed a vented kite but always have to do things my own way, so Alien Eyes is the result. It flies really nicely - much smoother than before the mod.Go for it and have some fun!
  7. For a quad line "trainer" I'm really happy that I bought my 1.7 Flexifoil. It has no frame to break and I have hit the ground far harder than I ever intended to - glad it wasn't my Rev. It's a great trainer for that reason, and a nice arm stretcher if you are feeling that way. Getting used to the quad setup, handles, 4 lines etc all were good experience that translated directly to better flying on the Rev when I went back to it. I first saw a Rev at the Vancouver BC Kite Festival in June last year. I immediately asked the iQuad team what Rev I should buy as a beginner. Consensus there was that I would outgrow the EXP too quickly and I was better off with the 1.5 SLE. That's what I did and I'm a happy camper with 3 more Revs to suit all different wind conditions and another on order. I have poor to middling hand eye coordination, so the Flexifoil trainer taking the bumps and slams in the learning curve made me a lot more confident flyer. The fact that it was less than a third of the price of a Rev made it easier too. My 2 cents to add.
  8. I'll take that as a compliment, although it really should be Fredrick's of Calgary. It is rather minimalist, but has a frame like a Mack truck. Someday I'm going to fly in 80-90 km/hr Chinook winds and I will be the only thing in the sky!
  9. That link has more than I can possibly wish to know about stacking. I'll make the lines tomorrow ( using pig tails that I will leave in place) and see if I can get it to fly. Awesome help! Thanks yet again Ed! Kelly PS you need to work on the avatar. Use a picture of your home sewn kites.
  10. Here is how the high wind ultra custom vent turned out. It has flown, but the winds have to up where you are using the second strap on the Tilley.
  11. Gets me out of the house & off my butt.
  12. I just got 2 more (used) Revs - a I and a II, along with my original 1.5. I'd love to get them all working together, but have no ideas on where to connect or how far apart to connect. I've got bridle line & was going to connect all the spar ends together with about 1m of line between. Any experience to share?
  13. I modded my standard handles on Thursday night using the info here. Great warning about those burrs- they could have really sliced my hands up if I hadn't been looking for them. One tip I will add - if the vinyl caps are really tight, I just soaked them in hot water for a minute or so, and then they slipped off easily. I used the Dremel to deal with the burrs permanently and I have a great set of handles that look and feel a lot better. Since I had all the parts laying around, it cost me nothing but 30 minutes of time - no brainer in my books. Off course we have had rain and snow for the last 3 days, so I can't say that I have flight tested them! 8-(
  14. Vodka & clamato juice with spices or hot sauce if you like.
  15. You can also do your uploading at McDonalds or Starbucks on someone else's wifi. I'm always looking to mooch a little bandwidth when we travel. I'm looking for a full vent, moderately priced. Kelly
  16. Perhaps a silly question, but here it goes. Why is there that strip of mesh right at the leading edge? Aerodynamically it seems it would disrupt the airflow and be a weak point? Is it part of the secret Rev patented formula? Do the vented Revs have it or just the Standards? What about the Pros? Like I said, it seems to be a weak spot, so it makes me... Curious. Kelly
  17. You can copy the file to the desktop temporarily, then delete that copy after the upload. Leave your master library untouched. Kelly
  18. Uploading pictures is a 5-6 step process: 1. Hit the More Reply Options button on the bottom right corner of the reply box. 2. In the new window, click the button at the bottom "Choose files..." 3. Go to the folder where you have your pictures, choose the one you want and choose the open or OK button. (This is where moving them to the desktop makes it easier like Paul said.) You can choose more than one at a time, but then all of those will be attached to the same message. 4. The pictures will upload to the server and appear at the bottom of the posting window. Now you have to click the "Add to Post" text on the right of the picture name.This will add a funny piece of link text into your message at the place where you are typing. You can put spaces or returns or enters before the link to move it down and away from your text. If you don't click the Add button, all the pictures will just be tacked on the end of the message, like the other two at the bottom of this. 5. Choose the Preview Post button down at the very bottom to see how it will look. If you don't like it you can edit it in the bottom copy of the message (the one with the links instead of the thumbnail pictures). Then Preview again. 6. When you are happy, Click the "Add Reply" button to send the post and your work is done. Hope the prices are good on those Revs - I'd love to buy a second! Kelly
  19. I used mine on a weekend away to the coast a couple of weekends ago. The best two hours of flying in my life. Perfect light winds as smooth as butter - not a swirly to be seen - this prairie boy was in heaven. I'm still a beginner of the rawest sort, so I can't make educated comments about before and after. But I felt like the kite was working with me instead of fighting me. And being able to just leave it propped up on the ground was wonderful. The fine lines that brace the sticks love to get tangled with the bridle or jump on to any velcro nearby, but part of that may be that I'm breaking it down completely into the travel pouch. But I'm a happy camper.
  20. Thanks, but I have all the frame parts I need now. Since I'm building a high wind custom vent style, the 2 wrap would be too light for what I plan to fly in with this monster. The only parts I need now are the bridle and end caps with bungees. Kelly
  21. That's about what I have ended up doing Philippe. I have a standard SLE (tomato stakes) for my leading edge that someone was getting rid of for a song, then I got a couple of Skyshark P8's for my verticals, which should give me a frame like a Mac truck. I will run a tension line around the perimeter and then add 3? Maple Leaf shapes within to act as my sails, leaving a lot of open area for vent. I've had to buy spars, bridle and end caps, so this one is not free, but... I'm also doing an ultralight version that uses 5mm rods and connectors rescued from garbage kites that were being thrown away. The connectors give the frame a dihedral aspect, so it really isn't a Rev anymore, but it will be bridled as a quad. I'm using a mylar space blanket for skin, so everything so far is coming from recycling - total cost so far is $0. So we will see how all of this turns out. Even if they suck, I still have my classic 1.5 full sail as my main quad kite. Kelly
  22. Maybe you ended up with the wrong vehicle John. The Subaru is going to be a little tight to live out of. Of course with your rep, you could couch surf every state just with folks off the site! You're welcome to cross the invisible line and come on up here when you hit Montana.
  23. You guys are too young! Andy Kim 1974 Everyone was singing it and doing it!
  24. Whump Gently- isn't that a contradiction in terms? Could be a song though (to fly to): Whump me gently Whump me slowly Take it easy Don't you know I've never been flown like this before!
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