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  1. Here's a picture of me flying in Calgary with the quad foil. Temp was about -10C and wind 45-50 kph. It was warm enough to be fun, but the wind and the foil had me begging for mercy in about 20-30 minutes. Great fly though! I learned a lot and I was actually in control more than 50% of the time.
  2. It's true that the beginner needs to fly first and tune later. Paul LaMasters gave me a set of pigtails in Swift Current to get my handles set up, but I didn't understand the theory of WHY you would go in or out. 20-30 flights later in different wind conditions, the light is starting to dawn, but unless you have an old pro flying beside you & walk you through adjustments, it's just too much overload at first. Doing it alone means that discovery takes time and experience. I ended up getting a quad foil to use as a trainer after I broke the rods on the Rev with one crash too many. It has helped a lot to build instinct and muscle memory and I have slammed it into the ground so hard a few times that I'm sure it has paid for itself in rods not replaced. I may be a slow learner (I know I have bad hand / eye coordination) but I do persist. I'll fly the foil through the winter and break out the Rev again when I can fly on grass. I'm really looking forward to it though, because even this rookie can tell that the foil is just not as crisp or precise as the Rev - it flies like a big powerful pig - but I'm learning to master it and learning skills along the way that will help a lot in the summer.
  3. Do you get any syrup that far south? Sugaring weather is warm days with frosty nights.
  4. At least there are two of us here then!
  5. Sorry, I'm allergic to guns and most Republicans, although I would like the weather better most of the time. Honestly, without going all political, things became really strange after 9/11 and it just isn't as comfortable as it was. The Americans I meet outside their country when I travel are pretty nice folks & I get along fine with them, but at home, the herd mentality seems to take over and it isn't pretty. I guess I'm a born & bred socialist up here. I'd have to move right through to Mexico to get the weather, but then I would be diving instead of kite flying. (This post is not meant to be offensive, especially to all the nice folks on this forum!)
  6. That was the feeling I had, and I offered to pay shipping. But after a few messages with the Karma Guru and JB, the details of international postage & customs etc. soon became significant barriers. Next time you're at the PO. look a the price of a 1 lb parcel - pretty steep across the border compared to across the 48. So they suggested I see if I could drum up enough to get a parallel idea going, but the two week prognosis tells me that there aren't enough actives to make a go of it.
  7. Thanks guys! The silence was getting deafening. Active IS the issue.
  8. Bump Surely there are some maple leaf people here! At least say Hi on this thread and tell me why you don't think it will work...
  9. http://www.kiteland.ca/Category.asp?cc=022827 Alex at Kiteland in Victoria BC Canada has sold me two kites now. The first was a Prism 4D for light winds a couple of years ago. When we were there at Christmas and he discovered that I was in the Rev world now and I was moaning about broken sticks in my learning curve, he convinced me that I needed a Flexfoil 1.7 Sting because it was quad line but had nothing to break - a trainer to save the Rev. Given the cost of replacing rods, even my partner could see the logic of this! So Alex is a great salesman who knows his kites (even though the store has to sell other things to stay afloat these days) and works with people to help them find what they need - or didn't even know they needed!
  10. I'm going to get some 16's as soon as they get back from Treasure Island from Flying Smiles - $30 plus shipping.
  11. Couldn't find them on the Kite Shop site. I've asked Flying Smiles for pricing up here. Thanks.
  12. After finding out that I wasn't eligible to play with the Yanks in their Karma games, I wondered if there were enough interested Canucks to start a new game and show them how it's done? If you have reasonably worthwhile kite related item that you are willing to mail to some lucky winner in this great country of ice & snow (Vancouver & Victoria excepted), chime in on this thread and we will see if we can make this go. There needs to be about a dozen of us to make it interesting otherwise it will be pretty incestuous. If you win the draw, you put up the next prize to give away, and round the circle of karma goes. What do you think? Active Canadians out there?
  13. Glad to hear the kites are safe! Good that you made it too - LOL.
  14. There was mention of a kit for the magic sticks earlier in the thread. I asked kite shops in Vancouver and Victoria when we were out there at Christmas but neither had heard of them. Where can I order from? Hi to Paul! He took me under his wing at the Swift Current show and taught me 90% of the tiny bit that I know. He's a great teacher that got me over the hump of being frustrated enough to trash something! I'm still working on my hover Paul! Thanks for any info on the sticks.
  15. I'm in. Counting on beginners luck! Later... Read the rules first... Oops - I'm not in the 48, but if I won I'd work out the postage with the donator.
  16. Using your link to the beginners tags, I could see all the phone or tablet videos on my iPad mini retina, except for http://kitelife.com/forum/files/file/797-rev-tutorial-line-weight-length/ All the file formats showed 0 bytes as the file length. When I went to that video via the Videos link in the site menu, the page loaded but the video frame was blank, so I couldn't play it there either. Pity, because these videos are extremely helpful for someone who doesn't know any other Rev fliers around here. Is there some kind of directory or anywhere I could ask for other fliers in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area? Thanks for your great work here! RevRookie
  17. Where did you get the whack? I need a shipment of that too!
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