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    Revolution, power kites
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    I was a small boy
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    In Brussels, then on to Singapore and an Asian tour for the next year.
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    Used to be a professional dancer, am the head electrician on the touring show Cavalia, professional carpenter, good welder. But my passion is Kites (revs are the bomb)
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  1. love line time but i'm the same as you if i can't fly i play with the rods and kites thanks for the information just got a set of p90 and was looking for some info on them
  2. this would match my 2/4 and jb you saw my bseries lol needs a replacement
  3. love this site for all the help and insight of other flyers and their willingness to help
  4. Here is the BEST glue i have ever used Rapid Fix does not dry out as it works with lack of air instead of air like other glues also comes with diamond dust as a filler for holes can be drilled tapped and sanded instantly. I have used it to repair cameras, motorcycle covers,and a slew of other things
  5. nice work looks great eh (coming from another Cehnehdehiehn)CANADIAN LOL for all of you who can't spell
  6. another one is to not look at the whole kite but just the centre it will speed up your responses making it easier to control
  7. would be very interested in the masterpiece kites i have 4 already and looking for more lol
  8. how you doing my friend, love the pics, went for a night fly the other day had a blast just enough ambient light to see the kite from the beach flew for about 7 hours lol just made up a set of 30's and 50's 90# just waiting to try those out. made up a whole bunch of new leaders with 3/4 inch spacing for the top and 1/2 inch for the bottoms just waiting for the pros to put them on. Hope all is well
  9. one jb showed me was farther out on the top leaders, hook your thumbs under the leaders pull your thumbs up past the top of the handles and pump back, this will give more forward for launch but once the kite is filled the precision is amazing (felt really uncomfortable for the first few times but the control is way better). If you watch jb's hands he has his thumbs on top and forward of the handles which means he only has to do very small brake inputs for the control he has.
  10. woah woah woah are we really about thongs and kites in the same sentence lol
  11. me i'm the same when i found the site i wasn't sure if i wanted to join but once i saw a few tutorials i wanted to see more and support my fellow kite flyers. I'm, not a chat room guy but i love that there is a chat room here although will all the traveling i do seem to be in the wrong time zone right now
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