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  1. Well Mark, I don't really agree on that. All depends on what you want to do with it... For example, I have some "fancy, yet expensive" LPG lines to fly in team... (Otherwise everyone is scared of linecut...) But when I fly alone, I use some "cheap" line. Which is high quality fishing line (made in the same factory as LPG). I think you need to be a good flier to notice the difference between good lines. (If they are really poor quality , everyone will notice) and then the question is, if your're really good, you'll manage to fly the kite with almost any kind of line... I often fly with my fishing lines when the LPG boys are grounded because lack of wind, to turbulent wind... It's more about the skills than the lines... Concerning the handles, unless you go for no snag handles, these are as good as the standard rev ones... Phil
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had one of those ... - I think it looks awsome (very European style design) - I wonder how much it costs. - I think the added sail depth is clever. - Wonder what frame it has... I'm saving up already Philippe
  3. Ok , Just getting back to the topic... I manage to axel my B2 without weights... But I don't get to axel the B-Pro. Is it because the flex in the race rods? Or should I add weight to the bottom of the vertical rods? Phil
  4. Please send me the info on your zen philippe.mal@gmail.com
  5. Hello, I just brought 4 revs in 4 months, I think my wife has had it... I know Kortrijk. Nice small city towards the coast. Phil
  6. Captain Bob , Can you get me a Green race frame for 1 $ please ? You get to be my new rev dealer... Ok, Phil
  7. I just have a remark, regarding this topic.... Does it make sence to compare the difference in " between the top and the bottom of everyones lines? I'm asking this question, because to me it is in relation with the angle of your whrist (your way fo holding the handles in flight... I fly with the bottom of the handle pointed towards the kite, and my index finger over the top line... My wife flies with the handle bottom towards the ground, and index under the topline... Makes a difference of nearly 90° and thus a lot of inches... Philippe
  8. Why don't you just size it to fit an 2m standard 8mm carbon rod if you're on a low budget? When I was a student I made miniatures of rev's with just one 2m long 4mm classic carbon rod... (Cut as 1.2 / 0,4 / 0,4) they where awsome ... windrange from 1 to 8 BFT Not that easy to hover precisely... Phil
  9. I'm working on my relationship with Paypall to get that deal done...
  10. I know I'm a non-subscriber, on the other hand, I can't immagine that they would ship for free to Belgium... So I buy them...
  11. We need more B's in Europe, I'm working on that for the moment Philippe
  12. So , since John is answering the questions To go flying in the city centers , catching and throwing the B2, 33ft lines ok?
  13. I meant doubling up indeed... I was just wondering because I'm leaving to Srilanka for 3 weeks, and was wondering if I need to take both rodsets with me or not... It's a pain to take them with me (plane and backpack) So I would minimize... On the other hand it would mean spares incase...
  14. Hi there, My brand new B2 should have come with some weights to Axle and so on, but does anyone knows how they look like and where they should be? Can't find them in my package... And, second thing, How do you have the second LE rod installed? You just slide it in, and hope it doesn't move? Thanks, Philippe
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