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    Rev custom 1.5 (std), Rev custom 1.5 (mid-vent), Rev custom B-Series (vented), Nik Nak
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    March 2014
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    Janesville, Wisconsin
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    United States
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    Kiting,throwing boomerangs,hiking,biking,and any other outdoor activities.
    Indoor...tv, stained glass,glass fusing.
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  1. WooHoo! Great way to begin the year! Thank you!!!!!!!
  2. until
    Sky Circus on Ice
  3. Rudy64

    Quad build

    I can relate. I've had 2 mesh failures on 2 Revs in just over 1 year. I bought a sewing machine and will learn how to repair myself.
  4. I love it! I'm gonna have to get a bigger bag!
  5. I don't get frustrated when the wind dies. I just throw out the boomerangs until the wind picks back up.
  6. Tomorrow, October 11th is also the worldwide "One Sky One World" fly for peace. What better way is there to spend a beautiful autumn (at least here) afternoon?
  7. A B-Series STD is next on my list to add to my bag. A purple/white one will be a great addition also.
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