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  1. Well problem solved I won a Windbreaker winder from Shanti and they are going to fill it up with some 300# line https://www.facebook.com/shantikites Celebrating our 40 years in the kite business, we're giving away a kite gift every week for 40 weeks. This week you can win a complete set of American Kite magazines which we published from 1988 to 1998.
  2. Thanks GammoRay best prices I have found yet..
  3. I am needing some 300# line no local kite shop so I'm looking to buy online. Where would you order from and what should I expect the price to be? Any of the forum sponsors that have some in stock post your price or PM me..
  4. I am meeting up with him tomorrow I will remind him.. lol Maybe I will save him the shipping and keep it...lol Okay maybe just a test flight
  5. And the WINNER IS Flyinken!!!! 1 Must862 Tmadz3 pickensw4 makatakam5 mtgrizzly526 bbailey497 lmoaks8 FlyinKen9 Allen Carter10 Amexpmh11 dragonfish12 elmo264 Here is your sequence: 8 51211 4 7 3 210 9 1 6 FlyinKen PM me and I will get everything set up!!!
  6. Larry OKC


    My daughter Aubrey
  7. I am also looking at this and some laundry.. http://intothewind.com/shop/Traditional_Kites/Airfoil_Kites/Jumbo_Power_Sled_36
  8. The next Karma drawing will be for 2 kite stakes from LS Custom Kite Accessories; a Davis Marble Kite Stake & an iQuad golf ball kite stake plus holsters for both. The lucky winner gets to select the marble from Walt's current stock and the colors for the holsters. After the drawing I will let Walt know who had the KARMA on their side! All you have to do is contact Walt and pick your marble from the current stock... ****Images are from current stock and may have changed by time of drawing**** LS Custom Kite Accessories is a KiteLife Sponsor! http://www.kitestakes.com/ This drawing will
  9. Im looking for a big park and forget about kite something that I can put up while im flying my rev & will let people know we are out flying and is eye catching. If you have something that you can part with let me know or links in the right direction would be great ad well
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