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    My main interest in kiting is two line stunt kites. I have flown quad foils and Revs, and even done some landsailing in a Blowkart. I absolutely love two line stunt kites. I don't know any really fancy tricks, but I love to fly with a long tail, so tricks aren't necessary for me. I currently fly a HQ Silent Dart 60 with two 100 foot Premier tube tails, the 8 inch diameter. I call it the show stopper. I have other kites as well including a Custom North Shore and a Hawaiian, among several others. I found kiting by being a professional photographer, and after many years of watching decided I needed a kite. I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma two years ago and met the Tulsa Wind Riders Kite Club, and have since became the administrator for the club. Our club participates in many civic activities in the Oklahoma area, mainly teaching children kite building workshops. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of Kitelife!
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  1. chonkyfire9

    Lines for stunt kite

    I don't recommend Prism lines. I have had more problems with them breaking. To be honest I think they use the cheapest quality line out there. I actually use 300 pound line on my stunt kite and sometimes I fear that isn't enough. I fly it in some really strong wind. From what I have read on this forum Laser Pro Gold is what you want to get, but I bet there is some that is even better than that.
  2. chonkyfire9

    4D Nose Repair Help

    After sewing many noses, many times I looked for a different solution. I have found a solution that is so strong I don't think it will ever poke through. I took the seatbelts out of my van a while back, which has now gone to the scrapyard. I cut a small rectangle of the seatbelt and superglued it directly to the nose of the kite. I did it in three passes, allowing the two materials to actually melt to each other. I put some glue on one end of the rectangle and stuck it to one side of the kite. I allowed it to bond real good. You could feel the heat of the bonding coming through the material. I then added more glue to the center of the rectangle and folded it over the tip where the hole was, then let that set. Last, I applied some more glue to the last section of the rectangle and folded it over the other side of the kite. The whole piece of seatbelt was maybe one ince by two inches, or perhaps one by three. Super light, super strong, and NO sewing. I don't think it will ever poke through it again.
  3. chonkyfire9

    Curiosity about Dual Line Kites

    I know I certainly have seen exactly what you are talking about. I don't fly a Rev but several other people in our club do. I have a dozen different dualies and the people are always way more fascinated by my kites then they are by the Revs. I saw a video of a guy flying with two hundred foot tails on a dualie, and I immediately wanted a similar set up. I started flying dualies til I was confident enough to spend some real money on one, then I got two hundred foot tails to go on mine. Our kite field is right by an interstate that runs through the middle of our city, and you can see my tail from the highway. On any Saturday or Sunday, I have between 20 to 50 cars that will get off the highway to come over and watch. Lot's of people come out to tell me how beautiful my kite is and I encourage them to get a kite themself. It's really rewarding and to me the compliments and interest it gains for kiting is well worth the initial investment I made.
  4. chonkyfire9

    Jumping in head first!

    Who needs a Rev? DUALIE FOR LIFE!
  5. chonkyfire9

    Getting a set of BPro's

    You throw it like a javelin, and when it gets to the end of the line you just start flying. Don't you know anything! Can't wait to see you fly them.
  6. chonkyfire9

    Where to attach tail on dualies?

    Hello Dragonfish! I am friends with a few people on Kitelife but I signed up just to reply to this particular thread. I fly a HQ Silent Dart 60 with two 100 foot Premier tube tails in the 8 inch diameter. The tails combined weigh 4 pounds. I initially made a small piece of kite rod that fit through the T Bar in the end of the spine and made a tow point there, almost exactly as Reef Runner suggested. It was less than 5 minutes before I shattered my spine. I now have a leader line that goes around my spine right above the T where your spreaders go in. It changes the pull the tail has on the kite, and it is the strongest part of the kite. I made the leader line just long enough that the knot on the end hangs just below the bottom of the sail in an upright position. If your tail is only a transition tail I think Reef Runners idea will work for you, but if you use a tube tail this is not advised. I learned the hard way.
  7. chonkyfire9

    Silent Dart 60

    Silent Dart 60 with two 8 inch diameter, 100 foot, Premier tube tails.
  8. Welcome to the forums chonkyfire9 :)