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  1. It says they have 2 of them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kite-Mega-Power-Sled-81-Kite-PR-12742/391198336038?epid=1412206144&hash=item5b153ce426:g:MY0AAOSwDNdVonFc Will
  2. I'm in! This will look so nice under my Barbara Meyer DDC! Will
  3. I'm in - Just to see if I am picked last again by RNG. Not sure where I left my Karma but it's gone/empty/dead/dryed up/(add your own)!
  4. While doing some research on a Quadrifoil Kite I saw on Craigslist I ran across these videos.
  5. I'm in! - Just to throw a wrench in the works.
  6. mtgrizzly, Thanks for the Karma drawing but like you I just don't have the wind or time and I really need to get out and fly my rev more. I really wish work would die down and the winds pick up!!! Will
  7. I made some Storm Force anchors for my FF16 on 250# and my 12' Mayan DDC on 500# line. I will try and get a pic later if needed. Mine are 12" long with 3 10" spikes on the back side of the tie-down and 2 on the tie-down side. The end spikes make an "X" in the ground. I fly on grass soccer and football fields at a local high school so they are well watered grounds. Winds can reach up to 25-30mph. I always bring them down when the FF gets jumpy. I have had one mishap. I placed them about 25yrds apart and while I was flying my Prism 1.4, the wind picked up and before I could get to them the FF crossed the line of the DDC and it's line got cut. It only took ~10sec(if that long) and then I was chasing it across a bean field. The line was melted no fraying at all on either end! I use to use fingerless gloves with a stretch mess on the back until one time it melted a nice thin line on the back of the glove. Full Leather Gloves NOW! Will
  8. until
    The venue has changed this year. It will be held at Vista Bonita Park in Twin Fall, Idaho.
  9. I was finally able to get out the last 2 days, temps have been around the 60's so I got out my Prism 1.4 yesterday. Today I put up my Meyer 12' DDC and played around with the rev for about an hour. It was a great day!!! Will
  10. Thanks Everyone! With out having a kite shop here in Idaho I was just hoping to get in the door and see some new stuff. We are headed to Belvidere on the 29th for my wife's sister birthday and we will have 2 full days there. Not sure what our plans are but if there was a shop in the area(Chicago/Schaumburg/Rockland) I would stop in. We are flying in and out of Madison, WI. Thanks for the advice. PS I really don't mind paying shipping but would really like to talk about kites to someone in person! I have been known to drive 300 miles for free corals. Talk about spendy shipping!
  11. I will be in the Rockford area at the end of the month and was wondering if there is a shop where I can find some Rev items? I am looking to get a new LE. I only have the SLE set for my 1.5. Thanks, Will
  12. I'm In. As the collection is growing I could use some transport storage. Still need to find something to put that Hyper-Kite stack in!
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