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  1. A few more days and this baby will be all mine.
  2. Thank you Paul! I'll contact them. And, give the French Bridal a try. I'll try to post my impressions after trying it out.
  3. Thank you Paul LaMasters, and everyone that contributed to this thread. I appreciate the information. I could not find Paul's installation instructions. Where can I buy one to try it out? Or, do I need to make one myself?
  4. I have heard about a different bridal for the Revs. But, I cannot nail it down. I think it is called a french bridal. Does anyone know anything about it? And, what does it make the kite do differently than the Rev bridal?
  5. Make the video a favorite within Dropbox. The video will remain on the phone within Dropbox. It will be available to watch without the internet. Also, you will not have to wait to watch it. It is easy to make a favorite, just click the star.
  6. Weird. I was able to get it to work with Chrome and Safari. What browser are you using?
  7. I might be wrong. But, only one version is needed in Dropbox. I have been able to view the Mirror version on my iPad and iPhone. When I view them with the Dropbox App.
  8. I have been successful downloading all of them by pressing and holding the option button while clicking the final download button.
  9. Hi northwavesailor, If you follow the procedure, you will end up with the Mirrors version on your desktop in the Dropbox folder and on your iPad. You only need to download the Mirrors version once to your desktop. Then, put that file into Dropbox. Dropbox will copy it onto your iPad (through the internet), inside of the Dropbox App. You do not need to download it again to your iPad. If you have already downloaded the videos, just copy and past them to the Dropbox folder. The Dropbox folder will be inside the finder. After it is in your Dropbox iPod app be sure to make it a favorite so
  10. How to use mobile tutorials with Dropbox. 1. Download and install Dropbox on all devices that you would like to view the tutorials. Dropbox is free. a. For the computer, go to https://www.dropbox.com/ b. For an iPad or iPhone install from the AppStore. Dropbox says, “Syncing your files between all of your computers, smartphones, and tablets is what Dropbox is all about. All you have to do is install the Dropbox desktop application and sign in using the same login on all your devices. If you've already in
  11. I'll do it John. It will take a couple of days though. I need to figure out how to capture screen shots. And, it takes me a long time to write anything worthwhile.
  12. Yes, I was referring to the Dropbox app for mobile devices. I would be more than happy to type something up. I have not use Windows for a long time and I am not familiar with Windows 8. So the write up would need to be either Apple specific or very generic. Would you like it Apple specific or very generic, and simple?
  13. This has been an interesting project. I have learned a lot of stuff. Thank you everyone for your help! Dropbox is far superior to iTunes. iTunes is not compatible with all the videos, takes forever and is difficult to sync. And, on the iPad only the beginning photo of the synced video is shown (no title). So, one cannot know which video one is about to watch. Dropbox is drag and drop from where the video is downloaded into the dropbox folder. Then the video is available wherever dropbox is, on any device. And, it is kept or stored on the device by making the video a favorite. The int
  14. Size doesn't matter. Trite but true in this case. iTunes will not play with MKV formatted video. (I learned this from John.) I'm going to try to convert the videos to a mov or mp4 format.
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