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  1. John, can you lock this string? I've decided to just keep the kite. Thanks!👍
  2. windwarrior

    Surf City Special

    Just stumbled across these
  3. windwarrior


    I'm interested. Good shape? Does it come complete with everything?
  4. windwarrior

    Bazzer Eyes for Sale

    You got them all.
  5. windwarrior

    Bazzer Eyes for Sale

    Oh ya! It came through. LOL! I figured I'd post something so you'd know AND stop.
  6. windwarrior

    Bazzer Eyes for Sale

    Pretty sure 15 posts for a kite is holding the record! LOL! Great kite AND price! In case anyone is curious, that's 350.00 U.S. I believe.
  7. windwarrior

    Hq Beamer VI 5m

    Have you tried ?
  8. windwarrior

    Hq Beamer VI 5m

    Somebody grab this!! My eye is starting to twitch!!
  9. windwarrior

    Quad Count (they all count)

    I'm going to set up all my kites to do this but dread the set up and take down time AND finding a large enough space to do it that is dry! LOL!
  10. windwarrior

    Quad Count (they all count)

    How long did it take for setting them up?
  11. windwarrior


    Nice ! My dog kept telling me the dog barking had an accent.
  12. windwarrior


    Where was that beach?
  13. windwarrior


    Cool video! At first I thought, where's the kite? Must be underwater? THEN, here it comes from the right! When you were walking the kite towards the camera I thought for sure you were going to walk it right up to the camera lens. Lol!! None the less, the walk was cool. Kinda like an Orson Wells style black and white. Thanks for sharing!