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  1. windwarrior

    Covid 19

    I'm more concerned about the one's buying guns that are a bit unbalanced and getting through the cracks THEN going out and doing stupid things like school shootings again.
  2. windwarrior

    Covid 19

    So, here there's been a spike on gun sales. 9k backlogs. According to the law, CBI has 3days to approve or decline the applicants. The PROBLEM is that by law if CBI doesn't do anything the seller has the right to sell. Hmmm.....I wonder what could go wrong? 🤔
  3. windwarrior

    Covid 19

    Beginning a calisthenics program now which includes my new jump rope set. 👍 Lost 17lbs so if all goes as planned, I should be in Brad Pitt(like in the movie-Snatch)shape by summer.🤣🤣🤣 Just in time for paddleboarding season too!
  4. windwarrior

    Covid 19

    This is very disturbing to see now. https://nypost.com/2020/03/31/coronavirus-could-travel-27-feet-stay-in-air-for-hours-mit-researcher/
  5. Virus free storage? Is this through government programs and procedures? 😜
  6. I made contact with him. Thanks John👍
  7. Made contact with Bri and bag is ordered! Thanks for all the information to all. Much appreciated 👍
  8. I thought so! Now I just need to wait for that magic wind to circle the planet, time it just right and run around the park so I can make it look just as easy. 😜🤣
  9. I'm guessing since these B2's are a whopping foot and a half shorter than the standard B's, these are going to be very zippy kites in comparison. 😜
  10. As far as material or kites? For kites I decided to make a list to keep track that I email myself and keep in a folder. Lol.
  11. No clue what polymax is. The prism material is rugged. Not quite denim but definitely rugged.
  12. Have you seen the material the Prism stack bags are made of?
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