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  1. As far as new flyer goes..... Typically the 1.5 sle was the "go to" for beginners due to the SLE rods being relentlessly durable. At least that's what I learned on and still have a couple for loaning to beginners. That kite you have(B-Series) was considered the best of the best for flying. I have a full set and love them. Don't sell it!!
  2. That is a Rev. B series full vent. Made for higher winds. It goes.... Standard, Mid-vent then full vent.
  3. Hmm....would've been nice to see them all lit up at night. I like my finger lights. Cheap or not, they work great and can be placed all over the kite with spars. Thanks for sharing 🤙
  4. What are the Northern Lights you speak of? Pics? Links?
  5. Each have mini batteries of their own. Go to Amazon and type in "finger lights"
  6. I bought these and love them. No crazy contraption to attach and add weight. Just small rubber bands to the spars and you're good to go.
  7. I've heard of guy's putting full bags of kites to cover all wind ranges. Never heard of anyone having issues with heat damaging kites. Fly on🤙
  8. I'd check out local pawn shops. Believe it or not, I've come across a few sets.
  9. Sean, great chatting with you and thank you.
  10. Has anyone ever heard of or have done business with kiteworld.com out of Florida? I'm debating buying from them so wouldn't mind knowing if anyone else has. Thanks!
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