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    I'm looking for a Prism Zephyr in the Eggplant color pictured. PM me if you have one available. Preferably in mint or new condition


  2. View Advert Prism Zephyr Eggplant I'm looking for a Prism Zephyr in the Eggplant color pictured. PM me if you have one available. Preferably in mint or new condition Advertiser windwarrior Date 07/26/2020 Price $0.01 Category Kites (Dual Line) Brand Prism Model Zephyr  
  3. Good way to look at it or reference it too👍 Another way I typically refer to it other than Black Bottom is Brake Bottom since brakes are at the bottom. For my dual line kites I always go with Red Right since there's a Red or Black option for those as well. 👍✌
  4. If memory serves me, black bottom👍
  5. I'd contact Rev directly and talk with Lolly👍
  6. Common framing won't be a problem at least not between all the Revs since I have a ridiculous amount of those. Only one I'm worried about would be the Djinn since I don't own any and no clue which set they run with.
  7. Once this covid is dealt with I have a source I'm going to connect with so I can try the Djinn and compare it to the standard 1.5 and B series I have. I'm dieing to actually SEE the differences first hand since I'm a hands on kinda person.
  8. I'd see what Rev comes up with since they're looking into one for you. I second Riffclown on looking for anyone in your area to test drive one AND for tips on fine tuning things like which knot settings to use etc.
  9. Riff beat me to it. I just checked a couple of mine and they're male centers. I would go with that just for the interchangeable option but that's just me.
  10. windwarrior

    Covid 19

    Beginning a calisthenics program now which includes my new jump rope set. 👍 Lost 17lbs so if all goes as planned, I should be in Brad Pitt(like in the movie-Snatch)shape by summer.🤣🤣🤣 Just in time for paddleboarding season too!
  11. windwarrior

    Covid 19

    This is very disturbing to see now. https://nypost.com/2020/03/31/coronavirus-could-travel-27-feet-stay-in-air-for-hours-mit-researcher/
  12. Virus free storage? Is this through government programs and procedures? 😜
  13. I made contact with him. Thanks John👍
  14. Made contact with Bri and bag is ordered! Thanks for all the information to all. Much appreciated 👍
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