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  1. My biggest concern for storing is really for the seasons I don't fly. Either due to inclement weather or no wind. Concerns being really condensation possibilities building up on rolled up kites and laying on each other. I keep them in the closet in my room and I noticed last winter keeping my closet door shut with the heater on, it seemed kinda cold when I would go in after work to grab something. So I began keeping the door open instead to let some warm air in. Yes, I actually DO hang a few kites from the ceiling(chuckle). They make great conversation starters! I switch them out all the time. 👍
  2. I'm pretty sure I started this topic in GWTW forum but since it's gone I thought I'd post it here now. Soooo, how would you prefer to store your kites? Laying stacked on top of each other or on end side by side? Pros and cons for either? 👍
  3. I'm going to make some calls today. Who did you have in mind?
  4. Really? My mistake! Are the B2's still available anywhere?
  5. As far as I know, they're the same. The B standard I've flown in anywhere from 5-25 without issues. Only thing to worry about on the top end of the wind range are GUSTS! If a gust hits beyond 25 then you risk a spar snapping and or tearing the sail.
  6. The B is light years better than the exp imho. I have a couple of sets and the exp. I LOVE my B-series. With that wind range, I'd definitely get a standard. 👍
  7. I thought they were stacks of 5. Ok! I'll take 12 then!😜
  8. When you DO own them, I'd like dibs on 5 of them. Maybe more.
  9. THAT sucks! Prism slacking on the quality or just a lousy design? I've never had that happen to any of my Prism kites. Although it did happen to another brand on the tail side. Heck, I own a pair of 5 stack Microns and a couple of single ones without any fraying.
  10. Apparently it was instant death from his heart exploding on impact. At least it was quick. I'm sure the drop was terrifying though.
  11. Yeah, that picture of him hanging by his foot is disturbing. I can't imagine what was going through his mind at that moment.
  12. Oh wow! That's cool. Yeah, I'd keep them for sure. If not, contact me. Lol. It's interesting because I was flying a 50 dollar dual line kite(which I still own) at Ocean Shores one day with my girlfriend and her daughter and I look over and see a guy flying this crazy looking bow tie looking kite. He was dancing the kite along the top of a guys truck that was driving on the beach. He was flipping the kite from end to end with complete control. I was floored AND intrigued. To the point my girlfriend walks over to me and grabs ahold of my handles and says "go on, I know this is going to be expensive. Go play with your new friend " The flyer? J.B.
  13. https://youtu.be/aHl5xOihcZMI came across this video on YouTube and couldn't believe it! Never heard of this tragedy.
  14. Wait, is there a way to modify the kite and eliminate the hooks????
  15. Sounds like I'll be keeping my Microns and enjoying them rather than buying them Neutrinos! These microns are damn fun to play with. Very , very zippy indeed!
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