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  1. Not sure where THAT came from. LOL. Do you need a hug?🤡
  2. Oh wow! That's very cool. Thanks for the information on everything!
  3. Oh really???! THAT'S cool! I wasn't expecting to read THAT response!!! Very cool! How in the world did that come about???
  4. I've watched and own the movie called Shooter with Mark Wahlberg and I keep trying to figure out which kites were flying in one of the scenes. One that I noticed instantly was a Revolution but don't really know the others. My first guess is a Prism E2? There's about 3 kites total. I just watched the movie on cable so I don't have a freeze frame option since the dvd is boxed away from a move. Anybody know?
  5. Sad to see it go just like the Prism forum did. They were both great sources for everything just like this site is now. Glad to know now Steve can rest easy though.
  6. I didn't realize he wasn't able to fly and could totally understand the frustrations I'm sure that occurred of not being able to fly coupled with the flare ups that occurred on the forum more so of the late. So good for him on enjoying retirement! Lord knows NOW with much less stress and focusing on himself and family.
  7. That website kitekids doesn't seem to have anything regarding Steve as far as GWTW. I'm not going to beat a dead horse on this either. Hope all is well with Steve is all. Peace!
  8. I went there but can't find that posting
  9. Oh believe me, I'm not in the least knocking THIS site AT ALL. I remember meeting JB at Ocean Shores a looooong time ago and if it wasn't for that moment in time I would have never gotten into quad flying. Soooo, I blame JB for THAT!! LOL!! However, having been a member of gwtw since 2000 ish, I'm completely floored it's not only shut down but I never even saw chat about it shutting down. I knew there were health issues and I certainly hope all is well in that aspect. Damn! I don't have contact information for Steve so I'm genuinely concerned that he's ok.
  10. So how does your collie handle all them throw pillows AND the wife??? I can only imagine all that tossing and turning. 😁
  11. WHAT!!!?? What in the world happened????
  12. You could always go buy one of them there body pillows to spoon with ya know.😜🤗
  13. Anybody know what happened to the GWTW FORUM???? I went to log in and got some beer website. Last time I logged in was about 2 weeks ago I think.
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