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  1. i had a 6 pack of peter powells back in the early 90,s never had trilbys,,saw the picture ..nice kites ,,im getting ready to order either a 6 or 12 pack of dyna kites,,i want another stack its been a while
  2. havent been here in a while,, my my how things have changed
  4. tried out one of the with jim cosca its a nice kite ..it nade a guy like me look like i knew what i was doing..if you made a mistake it fixed itself out of it..a good kite for anyone really
  5. ant man

    new arrival

    well as some of you know im getting ready to have a little girl .. Ethan is 4 and 1/2 almost 5 and he,s going to be a big brother .. the due date is augest 24th .. this tuesday.. i will have photos of the newborn once she arrives.. Ethan is becoming quite the rev flier so i hope to have my own family team someday.. i owe the team flying to john b as he gave my first lession back in 2006 when i first met him in person..i thought with 20 years of flying under my belt i knew everything but thats whats great about kiting .. theirs always something new to discover.. john i hope that someday to and tk can experence this joy that im feeling .. it is the best thing in life you can ever go therugh trust me!!!!!!!!
  6. all kites are good i fly dual , quad single , power. i love them all and wont give none of them up
  7. hell yea im in for some of these .. john i will be back subscribing again .. sorry i didnt renew .. money has been tight .. i will be contacting you soon .. very soon
  8. love the color pattern..
  9. sweet i want one.. havent bought any new duals in a while
  10. ditto .. id like to see this
  11. ant man


    ive had a short time with the bow and i found it to be rather twitchy .. like choccy said the top lins pulled at the right times can make it flip and do some sweet tip landings .. it is a nice kite to fly but needs a good wind to make it fly good
  12. those are cool i have a blue 12 foot that ie really sweet to fly
  13. great flying tristan.. frontyards are a blast arent they???
  14. the best way to see if your stack is where it should be is to set it up and once its all set up go to the last kite and grab it by the down spars.. lift it up to where all 3 kites are off the ground.. at this point youll be able to see the lines that are not even with all the others.. if that is the case.. i found this method to help me tune all my stacks and make them fly to where i want them to be.. the hardest one i made was the blast 3 pack and sometimes i have to re tune that one with the line stretch.. this can also happen with newer stack lines .. keep an eye on that as well
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