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  2. OK, about at what time is the flat entry 540?
  3. How about the Skyburner PDSUL, Jordan Air Millennium, or a Benson Innerspace? The SB Nik Nak is also outstanding. The Zephyr is truly disappointing in unsteady SUL/UL winds, and the Shadow is well...a kite I would have no problem getting rid of.
  4. I have a few non-sleeved sets which I'm happy with. I do tend to get cuts on my fingers more often though. No biggy. As far as line length goes, I prefer 100 to 150 foot lines which makes for a large fun window to fly in, especially to music.
  5. A quick brainstorm... Look for a wingspan of 7' or more and a wrapped carbon tube frame. Skyburner has the Freestylist, which is a great value with its excellent build quality and performance. Prism Zephyr is a great flying and precise kite capable of tricking, and I know where you can get one for $140 new (I just don't know if I can post the name of the shop). The Premier Widow is reported to be a good one. It is based on the Skyburner Widowmaker. As mentioned above, Skydog has some highly rated performers with the Dream On and the Jammin'. On the used market, tons of great kites to keep and eye out for. Reading through forums will give you some knowledge of what to look for. Some that come to mind are: Top of the Line North Shore Radical and Hawaiian Team; Prism Quantum Pro, E2, Zephyr, Eclipse, etc; HQ Jam Session, Tramontana; just to list a few. Foils are great to look at too. HQ, Prism, Skydog, Premier all sell them. They are fun to fly, store in a bag and won't break in a crash. Simple foils that are dual line and in the 1.5 to 2 meter size range are the way to go just starting out. The aerodynamic power will amaze you.
  6. Congrats mtgrizzly52, and thank you RobB for putting together that prize. Very exciting raffle.
  7. Looking for a used Q Pro standard. Patched holes, scuffs, broken parts and dirty noses are fine as long as the price is right. Willing to pay up to $150. Thanks, Ed
  8. Nice flying. I like your 540's. This is a trick I have some trouble with on this kite, especially at low altitudes. The depth of the sail and size of the kite really make the wingtips hang low in a flare, making the 540 a tip wrap trap. Loving my Solus anyway. Sweeeet kite.
  9. I like the foil, and the DC, but have the budget for one only.
  10. I like that glider. I'll finally have a yard large enough to do some kite flying.
  11. Lam's quad, when upside down, looks a lot like an art deco cat.
  12. Pictures to follow later today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I have a homemade stake for the beer lovers out there...fiberglass shaft mated to a Genesee Cream Ale bear tap for the handle.
  14. That is very cool. There is nothing better than a finely made kite. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Brass tacks would start with the Coriolis effect driven by the sun heating air masses and the rotation of the earth. Then you get the jet stream, formation of high and lows, frontal weather, and local effects as mentioned above. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I wanted to take a moment to report that denatured (wood) alcohol cleaned the sticky residue off of the kite without any problem at all. I wiped it on with a paper towel, and wiped it off with a clean paper towel. Wipe on+ Wipe off=clean kite. Very easy. Whew, I am so happy that worked! Thank you all for your very valuable and thoughtful suggestions. -Ed
  17. You should ask Corey Jensen of Windpower Sports. I bet he would know.
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