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  1. New tech kratos for sale for $69 shipped USA Overall mint condition. Flown 2-3 times. Kite in Action: please have volume on for video
  2. Is there a video of similar kite in flight?
  3. Is there website for sevens kite?
  4. Just order New Tech Kratos !!! For some performance dual line kiting. Anybody flying Kratos?
  5. July is fine. Btw I love flying prim qpro that got from you.
  6. I am in Naperville area; I normally fly weekend mainly Saturday in nequa valley.
  7. looking for large rev kite in low budget. Looking for Kite only. Any rev b series or Mid vent or even open to China made clone.
  8. Hi Steve, Where(city) are the kites located? Thanks Imran Patel
  9. Dual line with sticks i.e. stunt kite E.g: http://m.ebay.com/itm/181398468011
  10. looking for used dual line larger 3 Meter. Budget 75$. Thanks Imran
  11. Thanks for the great kite. Loved the first flight. Will buy again in future.
  12. I think Dual line kite resemble bat; which bird does rev resemble?
  13. Thanks for the list. Agree with all the three choices.
  14. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/how-to-tie-knots-3d/id520807989?mt=8
  15. List top 3 dual line overall dual line trick kite with precision flight?
  16. Why should bill gates give you 100$? (This is at the end of video) Amazing brainy conversation between Dr Zakir Naik and atheist.
  17. Link not working please post this Video if available
  18. All the best with the super blast: just wanted to share this video in case you did not see it: It talks about rev Bast in general but not specific to super blast.
  19. Rotation of earth on axis make sense. How does sunlight influence wind direction?
  20. What is the science behind wind direction? What causes wind direction?
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