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  1. A nice ballet with 5 out of their 9 very powerfull powerkites ZEBRA Z2 from the german brand LIBRE owned by the French Team FLIC (Four Lines International Club) - they are helped at the 2010 Berck sur Mer Kite festival by the teams IMPOSSIBLE and VENTIL'HAUT. Those kites are normally used for buggy kiting - and for shows when there is now wind. More videos on http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com seee you Alex
  2. Hello everybody, We had a great time in Berck flying under the lights in Berck... Thanks to my sweet Daphné, you'll see my mylar rev stack flying in company of the white revs' of the FLIC team (Four Lines International Kite Club), an homemade UL freestyle white delta from Lionel Reynier, white pterodactyles and birds from Karl and Sara longbottom, and then, amazing fireworks organized by Berck-sur-Mer. See you Alex
  3. http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2010/02/04/leafkite-in-indonesia-decouverte-du-cerf-volant-feuille/ A lesson about how to make kites with natural element like the first kitemakers used to. Here are the traditional leafkites of Muna Island ( 3000km est from Jakarta, Indonesia) Where i had an amzing time this summer. I hope you'll have the opportunity to go to that great festival... See you soon at Berck sur Mer in April ! Alex
  4. Hello myflying friends, If you like humour and great fluing machine, you should check out the work of a famous englishman : KARL LONGBOTTOM, an amazing designer how made ssingle line kites like the women's kniker's or the Pterodactyl : http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2009/10/23/women-knickers-dove-and-pterodactyl-by-karl-longbottom/'>http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2009/10/23/women-knickers-dove-and-pterodactyl-by-karl-longbottom/ His personnal website : http://www.longbottom.org.uk His work is distributed in the US here : http://www.windsweptkites.com ------------ I also made a vid
  5. http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2009/0...olants-a-paris/ You can see in the streets of Paris lots of kites… on the advert places ! because of the great exhibition organised by the City of Paris and Gerard Clement, organizer of the RICV, The International Kite Festival of Berck, in France. The exhibition takes place in a big and very nice house built during the 15th century in the center of Paris, by the river. It shows 100 kites from Gerard Clement’s collection in 3 different rooms. It's a great exhibition if you come to Paris this summer check out all the information and the video here (i
  6. My last videos : Richard Debray, freestyle world champion in 2007 at Berck 2009 with the RED BULL KITE FORCE http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2009/0...h-this-routine/ Mathieu Mayet + Richard Debray for the RED BULL KITE FORCE - Berck April 2009 : http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2009/0...richard-debray/ Maybe you've allready heard of the sponsorship the Austrian High Energy Drink RED BULL for technical sports like F1 car race, plane races, kitesurfing, snowbording, and so on... It now sponsors a great international, but mainly french team : the new RED BULL KITE FORCE, managed by the we
  7. Here are my last videos from my videoblog about kites http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com and the High Definition movies downloadble : http://revolutionkite.free.fr ------- POWERKITE : 3 Flexfoil stacks flying together - a ballet by the French team Impossible at the Berck festival, April 2009 : http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com/2009/0...val-april-2009/ TEAM FLYING Revolution kites, The last ballet from The FlyingSquad team The great FlyingSquad, an amazing Revolution kite team from UK (17 members) flying their “Chicken Run” ballet for the very first time at the Berck festival in April 2009.
  8. The love kites in Dieppe, France, 2008 2 kites tight by the same tail : Painting with a rev by polo, Frejus, France, 2008 Ben fom Rev and Damien Gallibour (Craizydrivers) with a Rev' Blast, at the Portsmouth festival, UK, 2008 104 kites (13x8) - The famous Bay Area Sundowners and the windjammers, with their kites with colors of USA flag at the Dieppe festival, France, 2008 The MOA, a great team kite made by a small french companie ( only on guy : Drolle d'Oiseau - Ladole) It's first flight, Dieppe festival 2008 Lam Hoac from Canada, flying his Revolution routine at the Dieppe festiva
  9. Filmed at the International Kite Festival at Portsmouth - August 2008 Too Much Fun, with Mark& Jeanette Lummas and Ron Despojado with their Revs' Bi Dance, 2lines kite ballet with Mark and Jeanette --- Alex
  10. Here is a great video of the new ballet of the Rev' pair from Paris : Ephemere with Jean and Christophe (click the link under the video - 'watch in High Quality") a video of an English quad perodactyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImdUhikvKlk Charlie, the English radio controled kite flyer (only with a 2 lines kite for now!) And the world famous Sundowners from San Francisco See you, Alex http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com
  11. Hi everybody, I'm putting new videos on Youtube from this summer's festivals in UK and France, and there are lots more to come... Enjoy.... and click on the blue link under the video "Watch in High quality" Iquad on Led Zep' My 24 Dynakites stack in Brittany, France The Widjammers with their american flag Dynakites stacks in Dieppe, France The ScratchBunnies (Fury) in Dieppe, France The crasydrivers - revolution team, Dieppe, France 25 Flexifoil Stackers by Paul Thodu, Portsmouth 2008 --- and all the videos : http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=revolutionkite http://revoluti
  12. Hello Litsong, i just changed the video - the new link is : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=wJi22AkGM4s -- I'll try to go to Asia this summer - or in December if i dont have time before - Thierry told me that it seems that the next taipei County Kite Festival will be next year and not next october - Nevermind - we wont miss that great meeting thank you again for your initation - we'll keep in touch xx alex
  13. ahhh - sorry again Niji - very different from Team Ninja - i think i'll have to stop to write... The rainbow's idea is very nice - it's a poetic idea like Lung Ta which means something like "Horse in the wind" in Tibetan - Lung Ta, It is the name of the tibetan flags at the top of the Tibet montains, were are writen the prieres and wishes, which fly into the wind and go across the world for the best - I hope you get it... Thank you for your invitation - but i think i wont have much time this summer xx alex
  14. Hello Litsong Bell told me the same thing - sorry about my mistake - i'm going to modify the video - i was not making fun of them - because i remember i had such a great time after dinner talking with them in the hotel for hours ( i have his card and i remember him ) - like i had such a great time with the japanese folks of Aile, Nest and Ninji sorry again ---- See you soon litsong at the next festival in November - xx alex
  15. " On the news" A new kind of job on the south French beaches : - Kite teacher for women http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=LEF4k8jCMdI ---- Sorry - French Humor
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