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  1. Jeez.......I need more practice! Nice Video!
  2. Sounds like you nailed it!
  3. Sadly, I have quite a bit of experience trying to get by cheap and I still haven't learned. The end result for me is typically the cheap one (whatever it is) sits and gathers dust while I go out and spend the money on the more expensive one I should have purchased in the first place. I'm a big fan of HQ Symphony kites and have a Pro 1.8 and Pro 2.2. The 2.2 is probably right at the edge of dragging me across the field......I think the 2.5 would! In addition to the hard pulling action, the kites really pick up speed in the strong wind too. You can get the HQ Symphony Beach which is the lower price point version on Amazon.com for around $50 US. Mine shipped from a store in England. You can check my previous posts at the link below that shows me flying the HQ Symphony Pro 2.2 in some strong winds. You can see a video link in my post just under the pictures. FYI, I run around 235lbs. http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/6147-san-francisco-kiting/ My dad purchased one of those cheap Chinese kites. He's new to flying dual line kites so I had to help him. I struggled to keep the kite in the air and turning as one side of it would collapse during the turn. My Symphonies don't do that. Cheers!
  4. Thanks for you comments! Color me the doofus! At some point, I had apparently clicked only the new posts that I started. It works for me now. Thanks again.
  5. I'm logged into the website and until recently, I click the 'View New Content' link in the upper right corner to view the new postings since my last visit. My experience now is that it returns the message "Sorry, no new content found." even though there is new content on the site. I'm a Chrome user. Thoughts?
  6. Here are a couple short videos of the day.... This video clearly shows the effect of the strong wind and kite on the pilot. It's also fun to hear the kite screaming in the wind. https://instagram.com/p/u4h9D_iwFr/ This video shows the dog chasing the kite. Near the end, I decided to fly the kite low over the dog and got too low to the ground. lol https://instagram.com/p/u4iQqiCwGE/
  7. Sorry I'm so late in following up! The trip was shortened by some unexpected work travel and we only got out to fly once. We went to Crissy Field. The Symphony 2.2 fit perfect in my luggage and it's the only one we flew. The winds were on the crazy strong level so the Symphony 2.2 was perfect. Top picture is me and my son is flying in the bottom picture. It was a great place to fly, obviously not crowded where we were. At one point, a golden retriever come running over and decided to chase the kite. I got a big thank you from the dog's owner for giving the dog such a work out.
  8. I'd recommend putting the kites in the trunk of your car. That way, when you're out with the kids and the wind is right to can stop anytime to fly.
  9. You can start them very young!
  10. Respecting what others have said about the kids getting bored with the single line kite (SLK), I'd suggest both a single line kite and a dual line. The kids are young and if they can't get the knack of the dual line right away, they may get frustrated and lose interest in kiting altogether. Anyone can fly a single line kite.....you can actually stake it to the ground and let it fly itself.
  11. No quadcopter. Behind me is a hill that my wife was standing on when she took the picture. The field is part of an elementary school property about 5 minutes from my house. Next to school, there is a large soccer field and a baseball practice field and plenty of additional open space to fly. This was the first time I staked an SLK while I was flying a dual or quad and it was fun. I'm going to make up a couple more staked for my other SLKs so I can fly 3-4 simultaneously.
  12. Ya gotta fly the kites! I staked down the 9' delta and practiced with my Rev. I'm getting more comfortable with it each time out.
  13. I'd recommend you check on Amazon.com. I bought a HQ Symphony Pro 2.2 last year from a store in England. The price was better than anything I could find domestically. Shipping was free and I had the kite one week after I ordered it. I own a 9' delta in red-white-blue that I bought from ITW. Very solid kite that looks good in the air with the streamers hanging from it.
  14. The best way to have the coolest kites in the sky is to build your own. These are awesome kites!
  15. I like HQ Symphony kites myself. I have a 1.8 and 2.2 and my future son-in-law has a 1.4. Now, these aren't kites that can do tricks like the one you have. I like them because they pull hard in a strong wind and you can blast them across the sky and have a pretty good time. They are virtually indestructible. The 'beach' series are good kites that will work well for you. I own the 'pro' line which are made a little better......a little heavier duty. If you get a 2.2 out in the 25 mph wind you will have a pretty good battle. If you step up to the 2.5, it will probably drag you down the beach. All of them through the 2.5 can be purchased for under $150. We got the 1.4 for about $40 IIRC http://www.hq-kites-usa.com/products_invento_style.html http://www.invento-hq.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=54&Itemid=61
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