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  1. acckl

    Light wind, dual-line kite

    Thanks for the helpful post Kent. I previously came across the Prism Zephyr that you mentioned, which has my desired wind range but is out of my price range. The Prism 3D and HQ Shadow are listed as 1-10mph kites, so I understand where you say that they won't work well over 7-8mph. However, the Tango and Tattoo II are both listed as going up to 18mph on the manufacturer's web site. Can you comment further on these kites? Are the manufacturer specs overly optimistic based on what you have seen/experienced? Also, how are the control and trickability on these kites?
  2. I'm looking for a dual-line kite for my son, that flies in winds from 1 (or 2) up to 15+ mph. I'd like to stay below $150 (preferably below $100). I'm considering the HQ Tango, HQ Tattoo II, and Cavaliers du Ciel Ticket. Does anyone have any other suggestions, or first-hand experience with any of these kites? Because this is for a younger person, pull should be low to moderate. He is past the early-day crashes with another kite, but durability is a plus. Thanks for any help / suggestions / guidance!
  3. This kite was in a bag that said Spectra Sport Kites. Was it made by Spectra? I did a search and wasn't able to find any of their kites (just their famous lines). Thanks for any help.
  4. acckl

    Revolution Power Blast 2-4

    Well, I guess I'll re-think the 2-4 and perhaps go with a more suitable beginner kite. I appreciate the help that everyone has given. Kent, your detailed posts were invaluable -- Thanks!
  5. acckl

    Revolution Power Blast 2-4

    Thanks everyone for all the detailed and helpful repsonses! This will seem like a dumb newb question, but would it be possible to fly the 2-4 partially de-powered (lower lines partially dropped or even lengthened slightly) while learning this kite?
  6. acckl

    Revolution Power Blast 2-4

    Thanks for the help, everyone. I'd still like to avoid getting both kites if possible, primarily because the power interests me the most and I don't want to spend the time/money learning a trick kite just for the "training" aspect of it. Please give me your thoughts on this plan: I'm thinking that I might try to learn on the 2-4 on days/areas with very light winds. In my area, those days are common anyway, and under very light winds I understand it might even be easier than keeping a 1.5 up. Then, as I get better, I can use it in stronger winds. So my bottom-line question is, would it be possible/practical to take this approach or am I just setting myself up for frustration in trying to learn with a kite that isn't made for beginners?
  7. acckl

    Revolution Power Blast 2-4

    I have never flown a quad kite before. I read that a Rev 1.5 SLE was a good place to start, but I really want a Power Blast 2-4. I am interested in both tricks and buggying. The 2-4 has power, and it can fly in lower wind conditions, which is common where I live. I have a few questions though: 1) Am I making a mistake by getting the Power Blast 2-4 as my first quad? I understand it will be more difficult to learn on, but I don't want to learn on a $200+ kite only to buy the 2-4 soon after. 2) How durable is the Power Blast 2-4? Hard abuse notwithstanding, will it survive crashes as well as a Rev 1.5 SLE? 3) Are there other kites (by other manufacturers) that are equivalent to a 2-4, or is Revolution the only manufacturer that makes power kites that aren't the parafoil type?
  8. acckl

    Kite for my son

    Do you mean the EZ flyers would be easier to fly than the rainbow delta? If so, what would cause that... are they more stable?
  9. acckl

    Kite for my son

    Thanks for that suggestion, Dorsal. I was drawn to the Rainbow Delta kite in my OP because it was listed with a wind rating of 3-20 mph, and I need this to be able to fly without much wind. The easy flyer lists 5-18, and I was wondering if this number should be taken with a grain of salt or if this kite really needs 60% more wind to fly properly.
  10. acckl

    Kite for my son

    I'm looking for a single-line kite for my son that will fly easily under low-wind conditions. After a frustrating experience with a cheap toys-r-us kite, I'm looking for something better. I've come across this one so far. Does anyone have experience with this kite, or can anyone suggest anything else? Thanks.