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  1. I feel with NOT HAVING NICK in on this one we all have a good chance to win. O.K. With that out of the way,this is a really nice offer Nick. One even if you have one now a back up is good idea, battery's do quit after a while, and we don't always have spare one with us. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.
  2. First off welcome to the forum. There is a lot of knowledge here to help you. I my self have no experience with foils, but have flowing RC.planes in the past, I would have to say if you feel that the is wind to much for the RC than it would perfect to fly the foil. Hope this helps, have fun enjoy and stay self.
  3. That was awesome flying in that video. Mr. Hawecker I thank you for sharing.
  4. Every kite flying is special in thier own right, a lose fellow flyer is truly sad. When your out flying your kite, take a moment of silence, and than lift your kite up to them all.
  5. That looks like that was a lot fun. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Dave your close but no cigar.
  7. O.K.not repeat, but that some nice video on stunts and the slids. The crash of the 4D looked plan to me, cause the recovery was sweet. The tricks where real good, truly enjoyed the video and the music.
  8. Nice video there Rob, I just really like how the kite just flouts so nice and slow in the lay outs. Thanks for sharing.
  9. This is a nice pay forward Karma Josh. Makeing a choise between the two is going to be tough though. Good luck to all.
  10. Sad to read about the Quantum, the Hypnotist also has the shock absorber in the tail to protect the spine don't know why the spine would have splintered. Prsim is good about getting parts out though. They do have a good warranty on thier kites too.
  11. I would like to thank all of you for your time to reply. I will do my best master the wind here, with what you said to do. Thank all again. Fred
  12. I would like to apologize if I up set any one last night on the chat room. My problem is the erratic winds up here in north Montana. I'll I"m trying to do is find REV kites that will fly in the winds I have here. So please except my apologize. Thank You All Fred
  13. Have you flowing this kite much, and in what wind range did you fly in? How did it handle the wind and how was the pull? Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks Fred
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