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  1. I did get the kite just fine. I was just wondering if anyone had had good experiences with Pro Kites. DLB
  2. Does anyone know anything about Pro Kites USA ? I had some correspondence with them a while back and I ordered a Revolution kite back on July 13, 2018. They do not have a contact telephone number and they do not answer emails. Their website says they are moving their warehouse and orders will be shipped on July 27, 2018. In a perfect world that would take care of it. I am feeling uneasy about this. If I lost $175.00 it isn't the end of the world, but I was hoping I was worried for nothing? Thanks, DLB Hot as hell here down on the border! 110 degrees F yesterday broke the r
  3. I am a science/fine arts teacher in Texas. We have a great flying field and the kids like flying my kites. I was wondering if anyone makes or has tried to make a kite patterned after Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine drawings. da Vinci fits into a lot of lessons for me and I thought a kite like that would catch the kids imagination. It seems like like a natural, but I have not found anything. Thanks, DLB
  4. I have a bit of knowledge of FAR 101 due to some years of Model and High Power Rocketry. I find the kite regs to be a bit hard to read. Am I correct in saying that if your kite weighs less than 5 pounds there are generally no rules that apply as far as how high and where you fly? I realize it would be very reckless to fly too near an airport, etc. and I do live near two airports one of which is an United States Air Force base. Stunt kites are generally pretty low but I do have 1000' of line on my reel that I use for single line kites. I usually fly way out in the country at the school whe
  5. Funny thing is, I do drive a C7 Corvette😊
  6. Thank you to all for sharing your knowledge. I find kite flying to be very relaxing and it brings back many good memories of my father who used to help me build kites, boats, soapbox derbies, etc. He was a mechanical engineer who grew up during the great depression so he always had a way of making what I needed out of what was on hand. Strangely I turned out to be a music teacher (violin and viola, and school orchestra) I did however raise another mechanical engineer, my son, Staff Engineer at Tesla. Thanks To All, Dwight DLB
  7. https://www.prokitesusa.com/revolution-exp-kite-with-reflex-blue/ I have never flown Quad Kites but I do have some experience with both rigid and parafoil type two line kites. Is the kite in the link above a good place to start or should I just bite the bullet and buy the more expensive ones. I am not wedded to any one particular brand or vendor, but the folks at Pro Kites were kind enough to talk with me. I understand Revolution Kites are widely used and known . Thanks, DLB
  8. Welcome to the forums freepistol :)

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